AJ Power recently completed the commissioning of an AJ110 synchronising generating set to work in tandem with a hybrid PV/Battery system in rural Tanzania.

Tanzania, Tanzania

How the village was electrified

Diagram explaining how the village will be electrified.
Diagram explaining how the village will be electrified.

The Hybrid system is designed to work as a mini grid and provide power to the village of Isenzanya in the M’Bozi region of Tanzania. AJ Power worked in conjunction with Redavia Solar (PV) and Qinous smart energy storage (Batteries) to deliver the project.

The Perkins powered AJ110 supplied by AJ Power’s distribution partner in Tanzania, operates as a back up to the PV/Battery system.

The Lithium Ion battery system was sized at 90KW/165KWh. When called upon, the InSight 6000 controller synchronizes to the battery system output and depending on the system requirements will provide as much active/reactive power as needed. The AJ110 with the InSight 6000 can operate in parallel with the battery system output or in isolation to provide uninterrupted power.

An identical Diesel PV/battery Hybrid system is underway in another village in the M’Bozi region. This project uses a slightly smaller AJ66 synchronising generating set, and will operate in the same way providing uninterrupted power when called upon, to supplement the PV/Battery system.

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