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Power is critical to business, especially if you are in the seafood industry. Any loss of electricity will directly affect the operation and bottom line of such a company.

After winning a competitive tender process that included a presentation, submitting an overall design proposal and a price to implement, FGW Generators our subsidiary in South Africa, were eager to get started. We provided a solution based on ten 700 kVA generating sets (AJ770) split over two sites, in two new plant rooms with new medium and low voltage switchgear. The two installations also included step up transformers to 11 kV, with the generators synchronising together and with the mains supply.

Once complete the installation ensured the client could continue to operate whether there was a healthy mains supply or not. The installation is fully automatic requiring no client input on a mains fail. They can therefore focus on what they do best, catching and supplying seafood.

Project Management

This particular project included several parts:

The timeline was tight, with the generating sets manufactured in the UK, shipped to South Africa, rigged and installed into the newly built plant rooms, with the latter fitted out mechanically and electrically to specification.

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Such a project had mechanical and electrical aspects. The former relating to noise, vibration and airflow, the latter relating to electrical circuitry and the communication of digital control systems. These aspects are well within FGW Generators sphere of competency, but it is essential that you know what you are doing, particularly when high voltages are involved.


The mechanical and electrical elements were installed by our in house teams, meeting the stringent deadlines alluded to.


Once the project was completed we ensured that all elements were working as designed and provided training to the end customers team who was responsible for the installation.

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