Standby Power to the ‘Life Safety’ needs of the building


AJ Power supplied a Life Safety generating set to an extension to a prominent Concert/Conference/Exhibition Venue in Belfast N. Ireland.

The sole purpose of the Diesel Generator is to provide backup to the ‘Life Safety’ needs of the building. As modern buildings become more complex the firefighting systems follow suit and the majority of new systems require electrical power to operate.

The Fire Safety system removes all incoming electrical feeds into the building and automatically starts up the Diesel Generator.

The electrical power that is supplied from the Generator is then used to provide power to firefighting services like sprinkler systems and lifts that may be required to facilitate disabled persons exiting the building safely.

The Diesel Generator supplied was a AGCO Sisu powered AJ175 with integrated, bunded fuel tank with over 12hours fuel capacity.

It is always important with such a high profile installation with an emergency role that the commissioning/training and interfacing is carried out meticulously.

Several meetings took place at site with various related contractors to discuss the automatic fuelling system logic, the automatic load transfer system and genset integration with the existing blackstart Genset and controls.

After the successful commissioning and site training/hand-over the next step was to prepare for a comprehensive maintenance contract.

Careful consideration has to be given to the fact that this is a Hospitality Sector installation and a comprehensive call-out and support network is in place should the lights go out in the middle of an event.

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