AJ165 Containerised Perkins Diesel Generator

One of our customers recently commissioned us to design and build a bespoke containerised AJ165 Perkins generator which made this an exciting build and install.


The acoustic containerised generator was installed in an ISO 20ft foot container. The build included

• Profile sheet steel outer skin.
• Acoustically rated infill lining with perforated sheet steel inner skin on internal walls and roof.
• 4-point top/base lifting facility using container corner castings.
• Standard chequer plate steel inner floor, painted black. Underside of floor insulated against cold weather climate.
• Floor assembly bunded to prevent leakage to outside
• 1 x Single leaf access door supplied with lockable slam type door furniture, internal push button panic release & stainless-steel restraining door stays.
• 1 x Cable entry for power and control cables via floor penetration, supplied with a 5mm thick aluminium gland plate.
• 3 x earth bosses provided, 1 x Internal & 2 x External.
• 1 x Recessed Emergency stop switch at personnel access door.
• Engine crankcase breather pot c/w rodent outside of container


This was a bespoke feature to this commission. The fuel system was a freestanding 850 litre capacity single skin fuel tank to be positioned inside container.
The engine fuel feed and return lines installed between tank and engine with a tank outlet fitted with isolating valve.


Designed in accordance to meet the specified noise level requirement. The build included a flat sheet steel outer skin, acoustically rated inner lining and perforated sheet steel inner skin to both casing and internal splitters. Fitted with bird guard mesh screen and fixed pitch weather louvers.
The average noise level – 70 dba at 7 metres in free field conditions. The noise was measured as average of 6 positions around container exterior 1000 mm from ground level.

The container was fitted with 1 x internally end mounted cool air inlet attenuator for engine / alternator combustion and cooling air and 1 x internally end mounted hot air outlet attenuator.

The air inlet and air outlet openings were fitted with motorised louvres and controls to maintain heat within container. Louvres are spring open / motor close arrangement. Power supply and controls for louvres all coming from the generator supply.


The engine was provided with stainless steel flexible bellows, which were mounted between the engine and silencer to prevent transmission of vibration from generator set to exhaust system. The silencer and pipework were also insulated to prevent heat build-up finally the exhaust tail pipe terminated outside container.
The internally mounted mild steel silencer system finish painted in heat resistant black paint which is all designed in accordance to meet overall noise level requirements.


The electrical installation included:

• 3 x 5’ fluorescent lights c/w diffusers - 1off with D.C. backup.
• 1 x metal clad switch at personnel door.
• 1 x European 2 pin type socket outlet with RCCD.
• 1 x Single-phase distribution board.
• 1 x thermostatically controlled space heater.
• All wiring will be secure fixed within galvanised conduit in accordance with IEE

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