In 2010, AJ Power supplied an AJ110 generating set to a Scottish Sea Salmon producer, which now has 31000 running hours on the counter.

This generating set has had an interesting life, it’s load cycle follows the 22 month production cycle of the salmon, from spawning through to adulthood. The AJ110 is the only source of power as the small fish are artificially lit subsurface to fool them into thinking it is Spring/Summer.

It will run continuously 24/7 for 12 months during this period, only stopping for maintenance and level checks. For the following 10 months the AJ110 only runs for 10 hours a day providing power for staff welfare and office facilities on the floating structures on the West Highland lochs.

Power is also needed for the feeding system which is made up of huge blowers distributing the feed via pipes from the barge to the fish pens. Next time you order Salmon from the menu, consider the scale of effort that goes into its production and the part that AJ Power played in the process! There is a chance it has been supplied by our customer!

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