AJ Power are delighted to announce a new partnership with Motores Británicos Paraguay.

Based in Asunción, Paraguay, they decided to partner with AJ Power due to the reputation of the AJ Power brand and that our diesel generators are manufactured in UK.

Our Sales Manager for the region Jorge Arroita is working with them regarding marketing power generation in the region and advising in the design of their new showroom to showcase a range of models of our 3 Series (10kva -110kva). Their first order has 11 units ready to target companies in the retail, residential, construction, telecoms sectors.

Commenting on the new partnership Andy Mackey, Director of Sales and Marketing at AJ Power said, “This new partnership enables AJ Power to continue to build on the growth we have experienced in South America in recent years. With growing urbanization in the region, rise in power outages and a poor grid infrastructure has resulted in the demand for excess and uninterrupted electricity supply in many areas and diesel generators provide reliable and continuous power supply.With AJ Power currently delivering to more than 85 countries, our range of 10kva-4376kva, a variety of options available and our diverse experience gained in a variety of projects over the years, we can asssure Motores Británicos that they have chosen a company committed to supporting and helping them grow the AJ Power brand and their power generation business in their region.”

Commenting on the Partnership, Rogelio Sanabria said “Motores Britanicos Paraguay sees in AJ Power a key partner in providing energy solutions to a growing demand that seeks for reliability in electrical power access. We envision to achieve this by making available world class products made in the UK to the Paraguayan Market”

We are looking forward to working with the Motores Británicos team to provide power solutions in order to meet the demands of diverse customer base across this region.

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