Mining operations are often in remote locations. Access to the public electricity grid can come at a high cost and logistically be difficult.

Diesel generators still remain the most immediate and portable solution for this sector. It is critical that they are engineered and constructed to a high level to deal with the arduous conditions of a mine. Downtime has an immediate impact on the mine’s bottom line!

Examples of the mining solutions offered by AJ Power:

• Available voltages 525-690V, 3.3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV.

• Multiple Sync options (up to 32 units) such as load demand start / stop, improved fuel efficiency and options for reserve capacity.

• Carefully selected engine, alternator and control options to provide a value solution based on load requirement.

One client who choose AJ Power gensets was a gold mine operator is based in Africa. A scarce, valuable commodity. Not only does this customer mine the gold but they process the ore to produce the final product. A very energy intensive process. They have 18 x AJ Power manufactured generator sets on site, which they chose due to our fast lead time and local support with our in-country distributor.

AJ Power is proud to be a United Kingdom based manufacturer with all of it’s branded product engineered and assembled in the UK from Western sourced components.

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