After a two year hiatus due to travel restrictions, the team was back on the road to visit some of our partners in South America.

Miguel Escano, our Latin American Executive, was off to meet our partners and some end customers’ in two regions Bolivia and Chile, along with Graeme Purdy and Joe Weir.

The first stop was Bolivia, where the team met with our partner in the region. During the visit we were able to update our partner on new developments and products within the AJ Power portfolio and provide some training for the team. Next stop was the Bolivian tropical territory to visit two remote AJ22 at work. These gensets are operating in over 30 degrees and high humidity –tough conditions.

During the visit we delivered some intensive training to an end user covering installation, maintenance and remote operations. We also introduced them to our new suite of controllers and illustrated the benefits of them to their projects. The gensets we visited each work on alternating 12 hour periods and so far the customer has had no issues given the conditions and demand they are operating. This is good news for us as the manufacturer but also the end user as it reinforces the reliability and quality of AJ Power generators compared to other brands available in the region. ​

​​Next stop was Chile.

First stop in Chile was training with our partner and updating them on some new products. We also had the opportunity to meet with several new potential customers and discuss how the AJ Power products would be the perfect fit for some projects coming up in the foreseeable future. Being able to do this face to face in partnership with our distributor, reinforced to the end customers the commitment that we have in this region and the opportunities that are arising where the AJ Power suite of products would be first choice to deliver prime and standby power.

We ended the visit to Chile with a general sit down with our partner looking ahead to potential projects and the AJ Power solutions available to meet customer demand and needs in the region. The team also delivered troubleshooting training for common and more unique issues that could arise in the conditions the gensets are operating. Getting back out to discuss the AJ Power brand, quality and solutions with partners and customers face to face was fantastic, couple that with the some in-depth training sessions on our gensets and controllers it was a win/win for all parties.

We are already planning the next trip in 2023.

Bolivia and Chile thank you for a great trip. ​​ ​​ ​​

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