Ian McClay, General Manager for AJ Power in Middle East, recently visited the world’s largest dairy farm, located an hour outside Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

The dairy farm have been operating in Saudi Arabia and the Middle-East region for the past 36 years, employing about 3500 people working around the clock.

With over 2900 hectares of land and 75 thousand cows, the dairy farm produces 328 million litres of milk per year.

This spring, AJ Power and Rolaco, its distribution partner in Saudia Arabia, installed an AJ1540 generating set powered by a Mitsubishi engine.

This genset is set up to act as emergency backup for the cooling system of the cow sheds and the milking parlours.

Pictured above are Hammam from Rolaco, Ian McClay from AJ Power and the end user.

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