AJ275 supplied for a Northern Irish leading provider of architectural and industrial powder finishes.

AJ Power has recently provided an AJ275 generating set powered by an AGCO Power engine to a powder coating company. The generating set was supplied along with a 5000litre double skinned bulk fuel tank. The set includes a fuel level gauge and high/low level alarms and bund leakage warning alarms. Fuel lines were installed to supply directly from the bulk tank bypassing, the 400litre generating set day tank.

AJ Power provided a bespoke control solution following specific customer requirements:

The customer required that one of its factories, when in use, was always to be supplied by the generating set but also have mains failure backup. The offices on site also required mains failure backup.

The solution supplied by AJ Power was to provide two ATS panels: an ATS2-400 to be used in the factory and an ATS2-160 to be used for the offices. The ATS2-400 will be manually switched on a daily basis with both automatically switching in the event of a power failure.

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