Versatility Available in 50hz and 60hz configuration with a prime and standby application these diesel generators can operate in the harshest condition for a range of power needs.

The 3 Series AJ88 and AJ110 canopy diesel generators are Perkins powered coupled with a Mecc Alte UK alternator.

These diesel generators are capable of operating in the harshest of environments and under challenging conditions . This canopy is designed to operate in ambient conditions of 50°C at prime rating and 45°C at standby rating (engine and alternator derates apply). Available only as Non CE canopied machines within the 3 Series, they are available as prime or standby application at 50hz and 60hz configuration making it more versatile across a range of power needs. The diesel generators offer a compact design, reliable for use in a range of sectors including construction, residential, agricultural and commercial settings.

Mecc Alte C-Type alternators make the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum power to size ratio. All C-Type alternators have the advantage of the unique Mecc Alte MAUX (Mecc Alte Auxiliary Winding System) installed as standard. This enables the C-Type alternators to take an overload of >300% forced current for up to 20 seconds – perfect for motor starting requirements.

If you are looking for diesel generators which offer cleaner power, cost effective power and versatility contact our sales team for further information and a datasheet at ​

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