There is nothing scary about AJ Power diesel generators when it comes to noise levels. Our weather protective and sound attenuated enclosures deliver durability and security for your generating set while helping control noise levels.

This is achieved through designing the generator with the end user in mind. Our range of canopies are manufactured of pre-treated galvanised steel and coated with polyester powder coated paint. The canopies are designed with low velocity airflow to prevent the ingress of water, sand and dirt. This is extremely advantageous to the operational life of the engine and alternator and will ensure your AJ Power sound attenuated generating set will operate in even the harshest conditions.

- Noise Absorbent Materials

- Servicing Made Easy

- Convenient Cable Access

- Internal Exhaust Silencer System

- Innovative Design

- Corrosion and Damage Resistant

Why you need sound proof generator

In many areas of the world there are directives in place that must be met in lines with acceptable noise levels across commercial and resident zones. Noise pollution can harm people’s lives and in addition can be a major cause of environmental pollution. Therefore meeting these noise directives is a demand in society and the prevention of noise is a rising concern in all markets. In some circumstances an open set may not meet the permissible levels and an alternative solution must be implemented.

This is why you need a sound proof generator. You don’t want a nightmare of noise pollution to work through once your generator is in place. These are fundamentals which are discussed by the AJ Power sales team at the time of the initial enquiry. No Tricks Just Treats the only thing that should scare you this Halloween and beyond is not choosing a diesel generator that you can rely on in your time of need.

You don’t want to have to stop work because you are making too much noise. By choosing AJ Power sound attenuated enclosures for your diesel generators solution you are guaranteed;

• That your diesel generators has been Made in the UK

• Base Frames and heavy duty enclosures are designed and manufactured in our fabrication factory at our headquarters in the UK

• All diesel generators are fully assembled and tested in our UK headquarters prior to despatch

• All products are tested pre despatch by an AJ Power engineer and maintained by our approved regional partners

• Machines are CE approved (where applicable)

• ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 approved

Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on with customers to meet the noise levels.

Want to find out more give our sales team a call and have a chat about your noise requirements contact us on

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