We have all heard this quote many times and no one can argue that if we don’t prepare correctly, things can go wrong or take an unexpected turn of events that we haven’t thought of and we end up firefighting to get things back on track.

Thankfully in our fabrication process we take this statement, fail to prepare, prepare to fail, very seriously.

Protecting metal work which will operate in some of worlds harshest environments against, corrosion, abrasion while trying to maintain the structural integrity and increase longevity is critical to our products functionality on site. In order to achieve this, preparation is key.

Preparing the surfaces for painting in our fabrication factory is critical to the success of the finished product. To get the surfaces ready prior to powder coating they go through shot blasting to create a profiled surface to ensure sufficient adhesion of either the powder coating or wet paint. We monitor the blast profile with a blast profile gauge as it can also be too rough and cause even more issues after the final coating is applied.

This enables a better bond between the blasted surface and the paint coat. This in turns increases the lifespan and endurance of the coating and future coatings should they be required. Shot blasting also help to remove any surface contaminants or rust scale that has formed on the metal.

AJ Power have a purpose built shot blasting booth which provides us with the perfect enclosure for carrying out the surface preparation to ensure products are perfectly clean and have the required surface profile for powder coating.

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