UK Regulation Changes

The end of April 2019 sees the move from G59 to G99, from that date forward all new equipment connecting to grid in the UK must comply with G99. G99 encompasses and replaces EREC G59 and the changes apply not only to the application process but compliance requirement and commissioning requirements.

G99 also amends how generators are classified and therefore affects how different types (MW rating, technology type, location) or configurations (power park modules/power generating modules/power generating facility) must demonstrate compliance.

Under the new regulations generating devices have been split into four types as listed above. G59 is only a very small part now of the new regulations which includes detailed information on the connection process from design through to testing of the equipment through to the performance of the genset.

After the 27th April, any new generator connected that has not already been purchased and highlighted to the DNOP by mid-November must be G99 compliant.

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