At AJ Power we are tasked with manufacturing large numbers of generating sets for blue chip companies that will operate in very arduous conditions.

For one particular customer we supplied to in the Middle East over 250 units consisting of two sound attenuated models, containerised AJ1100 and canopied AJ550. Most of the units have been running constantly for three years at Prime Power without major overhaul.

With our customer’s team carrying out meticulous OEM servicing and maintenance we recently had a report on the fleet running hours. We were astonished to read that the cumulative hours run totalled in excess of 3 MILLION as of 25th October! So in the words of a certain President, that truly is a really big number.

This Product life is a testament to the superior design and robustness of the AJ Power product and reinforces the benefits that can come from following Manufacturer’s service schedules and use of OEM parts.

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