As the northern hemisphere says hello to autumn - how prepared are you and your business for the winter.

​With headlines telling us of blackouts, energy shortages for both residential and industry and governments telling us there is sufficient energy supply for the winter months, as always there are conflicting new stories and that is something none of us have control over.

​​What you do have control of is the contingency plan your business has in place in order to deal with any power outage for any period of time. Choosing a partner that you can rely on for backup power is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A backup generator can help you sustain your business in order that you don’t lose communications, data or customers. AJ Power specialises in the volume manufacture and design of diesel generating sets which provide reliable power, innovative design and peace of mind.

​​The market for generating sets is growing rapidly, keeping pace with the rising demand for electricity and AJ Power are at the forefront with technology to meet this demand. All machines are thoroughly tested before they leave our factory and we welcome our customers to come and witness this process and visit the factory which their diesel generators have been manufactured. We have a proven history of reliability, flexibility and delivery of diesel generators that are truly made in the UK.

​​With AJ Power you are guaranteed:

Diesel generators that have been Made in the UK

All diesel generators are manufactured at our headquarters in the UK

Base Frames and heavy duty enclosures are designed and manufactured in our fabrication factory at our headquarters in the UK

All diesel generators are fully assembled and tested in our UK headquarters prior to despatch

​​All products are tested pre despatch by an AJ Power engineer and maintained by our approved regional partners

​ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 approved.

​The cost of power outages for any organisation can be detrimental to their business and reputation, which is why it is critical to have a reliable solution for backup power.

​​Choosing a reliable manufacturer of emergency power is the peace of mind that any business wants to ensure their critical systems during an outage can continue to operate as normal.

AJ Power hold around £12M of stock engines, alternators, radiators and canopies which enables quick builds and fast delivery .We also offer you a choice of engines and alternators.

​ For further information on our standby power solutions please contact our sales team on

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