AJ Power representatives Dr Peter Calvert and After Sales Manager Garth Jackson have gone back to school as a partner company to over 80 GCSE Business Studies students from Belfast Royal Academy.

As past students of Belfast Royal Academy (fondly known locally as “BRA”) it was a trip down memory lane in many aspects for the pair. Peter left the school in the 1960’s, whilst Garth studied there during the 1980’s.

The Belfast Royal Academy was founded in 1785 and is the oldest school in the city. Today it is now a large, co-educational, non denominational day grammar school with strong academic, musical and sporting traditions. There are some 1400 pupils at the grammar school.

The purpose of the visit by Peter and Garth on Monday 22nd February 2016 was to present AJ Power as a company. AJ Power maintains close links with local academia and this most recent school visit gave the opportunity to explain how AJ Power has grown to be the company it is today, recent investment, our premises, sales information, training information and the many awards we have been accredited.

AJ Power has been chosen as a partner company for the 15 and 16 year old Business Studies students and will be included as a case study in controlled written assessments.

In early March 2016 the students will visit the AJ Power facilities at Craigavon, where they will gain a greater knowledge on the company as a whole.

Thanks to the Head of Business Studies at BRA for organising the visit.

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