All of our generators up to 938kVA - 7 Series are produced on powered automotive style assembly tracks by skilled operatives prior to load and functional testing in advanced test cells.

Automated Assembly Tracks

Our 3, 5 and 7 Series ranges (up to 938kVA) are produced on four automated assembly tracks. Manufacturing a diesel generating set requires an extensive assembly line and our highly qualified experts assemble the components using the latest technology

Control Systems

With our ‘hands on’ experience of utilising industry leading control panels such as Woodward, ComAp, Deif, Deep Sea, Schneider and numerous others, our Electrical Engineers can design and commission bespoke control systems to solve challenging control requirements, regardless of the complexity.

Advanced Test Cells

All AJ Power products undergo comprehensive testing prior to despatch using microprocessor controlled load banks. The company has an accredited on-site facility for noise testing in compliance with CE and undertakes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing of its products.

Test Cells Capabilities Main Factory:

• 5 individual fully computerised test cells Recording results specific to each unique genset serial number, 1 dedicated to R&D

• Gives access to a wider range of projects, with lower risks thanks to our in house technical experience

• Unique test certificate for each machine

• Provides tracking record as well as proof of our accountability

• Customer Witness Testing

• Reduces safety risks and increase reliability

Solutions we can provide include:

• Multiple synchronised generators (including Load management and N+1 redundancy solutions)

• Mains Parallel Generator(s) for Short Term or long term paralleling options

• Utility Protection relay panels including panels to meet G99 and G10 (ROI) utility requirements

Bespoke ATS (Automatic Transfer System) Panels

• Load Distribution Panels

• HMI Interface Panels

• PLC Systems for complex circuit breaker switching requirements and load management controls

• Remote monitoring

Medium Voltage distribution (up to 13.8kV), Transformers and Neutral earthing arrangements

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