High voltage systems should not be taken lightly. AJ Power has the experience and the expertise to provide medium and high voltage generating sets in the range 3,300 Volts to 13,800 Volts.

Specialised Area of Work:

In Medium Voltage environments, safety is essential.

AJ Power we have specialist and experienced staff who are trained and authorised to work with Medium voltage generators. We have Senior Authorised Persons (SAP) engineers that are responsible for the safety of themselves and others in MV areas; the Senior Authorised Person must take steps to ensure MV equipment is safely isolated and safe to work on and is ultimately responsible as a senior figure for overseeing the work of Authorised Persons.

AJ Power can design and build and test medium voltage units to your specification. We can also design and deliver a complete MV System including:

Supply of Step up / Step Down Transformers

Supply of Neutral Earthing Resistor / Neutral Earthing Contactors

Supply of MV Switchboards / Packaged Switchboards in Containers

Supply of Battery Tripping Units (BTU)

Projects we have worked on:

9 x AJ2750 MTU, 11KV, England
2 x AJ2360 MTU, 6.6KV - England
2 x AJ1375 Perkins - 11KV - Nigeria
2 AJ2575 MTU, 10.5KV - Sweden
12 x AJ2835 MTU, 11KV - Sweden
1 x AJ2200 Cummins, 11KV - Australia
4 x AJ2090 Containerised Mitsubishi, 11KV - UAE
1 x AJ2590 Containerised Mitsubishi, 11KV - England
1 x AJ2845 MTU, 11KV - Sweden
1 x AJ3340 Containerised MTU, 6.6KV - Iraq
2 x AJ1650 Mitsubishi, 10KV - Russia
2 x AJ2530 Mitsubishi, 11KV - England
2 x AJ3340 MTU, 11KV - England

For further information on our medium voltage projects and products please contact us at

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