We have recently added a new Deutz powered range to our 3 Series offering. This new range includes 4 new models – AJ22, AJ33, and 44 and AJ64.

Deutz are one of the leading engine manufacturers and have over 150 years’ experience in the business. The engines are manufactured in Cologne, Germany.

All engines in the new AJ Power Deutz range are EU Stage II Emissions compliant and suitable for a variety of fuels including jet fuels, heating oil, 100% bio diesel and diesel. The engines are also oil cooled.

Oil cooled engines offer many benefits including:

  • Oil naturally prevents corrosion of the engine. This leads to lower maintenance requirements and therefore lower running costs.
  • Oil is used as both a lubricant and a coolant in these engines. This eliminates the needs for two separate housing units for water and oil. Also avoid risk of freezing or boiling of coolant.
  • It has been found that oil leaks are less likely in oil cooled engines given its’ use in the machine.
  • The engines have a very high ambient clearance which well exceeds 50°C. Compact cooling pack.
  • And finally it can also be claimed that personal safety is also increased given that oil is a natural electrical insulator.

Order books are now open and production begins August 2016. Further information and datasheets available at below link:

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