The recent investment of £7m+ enables AJ Power to expand their manufacturing capabilities with a new state of the art factory for large scale fabrication.

The new factory houses CNC plasma cutting machines, tandem brakepress, wet paint booth, shot blasting booth, powder coating booth and curing oven, along with new storage facilities for components. Using market leading ultra-sharp cutting technology to profile parts with a laser quality cut at a fraction of the cost. The CNC machines enables us to profile parts from 1mm thick through to 30mm enabling them to cut any part for our entire range of base frames.

The new state of the art Durma 4m + 4m Tandem Brake Presses allow us to fold parts for the entire range of base frames for the 3 series to 9 series generators. Each machine has a pressing force of 320 Tonne. Any out of size bespoke structure up to 4m x 4m x 12m, can be painted in the wet paint spray booth.

The new purpose built shot blasting booth provides the perfect enclosure for carrying out the surface preparation required on base frames to ensure they are perfectly clean and have the required surface profile for powder coating.

This stage in the surface finishing of base frames is critical and having such a high specification booth with full room extraction, shot blast recovery system and operator breathing equipment not only ensures base frames go through the correct process but creates the ideal environment for employees to work in.

The bespoke powder coating spray booth and curing oven which has been specifically designed to enable the painting of the entire range of base frames.

Expanding the storage facilities throughout the company allows stock to be held in order to respond quickly to customer orders. With advanced reach trucks it ensure pallets can be moved into and out of the warehouse safely and efficiently. By optimising the layout of the warehouse with high level racking, there will be more than 1500 pallet location available, ensuring a wide variation in stock to meet the ever growing demand for our range of generating sets.

The new factory is operational and adds to the current workforce of 121 worldwide. The new factory ensures AJ Power continue to meet customer expectations and manage the lead time across the 3,5,7 and 9 series, while managing the overall costs of the final product.

We are growing and the new factory is a reflection of our investment to continue that growth. We are delighted that we employ a local skilled workforce to deliver a premium product and with the expansion of the new factory we will adding to our workforce over the next couple of months and years.

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