The InSight 3300 is an Advanced single Genset controller for stand-by and prime-power applications. All-in-one intuitive & powerful PC tool for configuration/monitoring/control, locally or remotely. This controller is standard on 9 Series.

InteliLite 4 Advanced HW Improvements • USB Host • Inbuild RS485 (AMF25 and MRS16)

• U/I/R AIN with +5V output reference

• E-Stop


• 8 binary outputs, 8 + 1 binary

• 2 slots for extension plug-in modules (Modbus, Internet,SMS, inputs/outputs)

• Extension CAN modules

• ECU support (Tier 4 Final, Stage V)

• RTC with battery back-up (full calendar)

• Power over USB for controller configuration

• Detailed history log with up to 350 records

• Dual Mutual Standby application support

• Remote display User set points and protections

• 5 languages in the controller & Translator functionality


There are many advantages of choosing a remote communication options including:

• Reducing the need for site visits

• Minimising downtime

• Prioritising maintenance

• Alarm notification

Insight 3300 plug in module options include:

• Ethernet interface

• GSM/GPRS Wireless Remote

• Monitoring with antenna

• Support RS232 and RS485 modbus RTU interfaces

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