AJ Power can provide a control system to meet all your needs. The modern range of digital control systems offers flexibility for the user, ease of use and optimises the performance of your generating set. We can also provide special control systems for complex projects.

With our ‘hands on’ experience of utilising industry leading control panels such as Woodward, ComAp, Deif, Allen Bradley, Schneider and numerous others, our Electrical Engineers can design and commission bespoke control systems to solve challenging control requirements, regardless of the complexity.

Solutions we can provide include:

• Multiple synchronised generators (including Load management and N+1 redundancy solutions)
• Mains Parallel Generator(s) for Short Term or long term paralleling options
• Utility Protection relay panels including panels to meet G99 and G10 (ROI) utility standards
Bespoke ATS (Automatic Transfer System) Panels
• Load Distribution Panels
• HMI Interface Panels
• PLC Systems for complex circuit breaker switching requirements and load management controls.
• Remote monitoring
Medium Voltage distribution (up to 13.8kV), Transformers and Neutral earthing arrangements.

Our engineers specialise in the synchronisation of generator sets including the synchronisation of multiple diesel generators to allow more redundancy on-site or the synchronisation of existing equipment back to the UK power grid – this service includes G99 equipment installation, commissioning and testing.

AJ Power also design, manufacture and install Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panels. Our new ATS3 is ready and available to all customers. The ATS is connected to both primary and backup power sources, which is normally the generator. When the Primary source fails, the generator will automatically start and supply the load. The new ATS3 is IP52 and is available in ratings 100A through 630A.

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