Dependable, class-leading, fuel efficient work horses.

Scania powered generators are the perfect option for a range of applications including mining aviation, healthcare, datacentres and construction sectors. The complete range offers uncompromising single-speed power packs supplying a wide range of outputs in displacements 9, 13 or 16 litres.

Providing reliability in a world where the demands for safe, dependable and cost-efficient power generation constantly grow, Scania engines are developed to meet and exceed your toughest expectations.

AJ Power offer a range of Scania diesel generators ranging from 250kVA through to 770kVA as prime and standby power, as open or in a sound attenuated canopy. Regardless of the application the Scania range will offer you unparalleled operating economy, outstanding efficiency and proven reliability. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Benefits of Scania powered diesel generators

The demand for prime power and standby power generation is constantly growing. In either case - wherever there is a critical need for dependable, class-leading, fuel efficient workhorses that require a minimum of service and maintenance - the answer is Scania engines for power generation.

Controlling emissions and fuel economy

Whichever specification you choose, you can relax knowing that every cubic millimetre of fuel is converted to productivity in the cleanest and most economical way possible.

Compact dimensions

A Scania engine is compact and impressively streamlined by default, which facilitates design, integration and installation.

Outstanding operating economy

Scania has a worldwide reputation of delivering outstanding operating economy based on high-quality products, services and support.

Engineered for uptime

Uptime depends on many factors. The robustness and dependability of engine components and vital engine systems. The simplicity of maintaining and repairing, as well as the overall durability all of which Scania has taken into consideration. Today’s engine platform features longer service life and extended service intervals, meaning a full 500 hours between oil changes and maintenance.

Exceptional step-load handling

Legendary power and reliability makes Scania engines ideal for standby power applications. In case of power loss, the engine responds instantly. Designed to handle high load variations effectively, the engines from Scania make a true difference when power supply is imperative.

AJ Power currently use Scania engines for our 7 Series. There is no denying the high standards and attention to detail that have been applied to the design of the entire AJ Power 7 Series range ranging from 250kVA to 770kVA. Ready to meet the demands of your industry, the 7 Series boasts an array of standard features plus a complete range of additional options. These engines offer high performance cooling systems, high uptime, low operational costs and long service internals - delivering power you can depend on.

If you would like to find out more about how Scania diesel generators please contact us at or visit some of our Scania projects to find out how AJ Power Scania powered diesel generators provided a solution for our customers; please click on the following:

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