Continuous research into our markets and sectors has lead us to develop new machines within our 3 Series family. We welcome the new AJ88 and AJ110 canopy diesel generators to our product range. Both gensets are Perkins powered coupled with a Mecc Alte UK alternator, which are now available to order.

These new diesel generators are capable of operating in the harshest of environments and under challenging conditions . This canopy is designed to operate in ambient conditions of 50°C at prime rating and 45°C at standby rating (engine and alternator derates apply). Available only as Non CE canopied machines within the 3 Series, they are available as prime or standby application at 50hz and 60hz configuration making it more versatile across a range of power needs. The diesel generators offer a compact design, reliable for use in a range of sectors including construction, residential, agricultural and commercial settings.


Mecc Alte new C-Type alternators make the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum power to size ratio. All C-Type alternators have the advantage of the unique Mecc Alte MAUX (Mecc Alte Auxiliary Winding System) installed as standard. This enables the C-Type alternators to take an overload of >300% forced current for up to 20 seconds – perfect for motor starting requirements.

Measurements & Noise Levels AJ88

Measurements & Noise Levels AJ110

Versatility Available in 50hz and 60hz configuration with a prime and standby application these diesel generators can operate in the harshest condition for a range of power needs.

If you are looking for diesel generators which offer cleaner power, cost effective power and versatility contact our sales team for further information and a datasheet at

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This month we were due to travel to Chile in order to attend a mining conference, like many other exhibitions during the Covid -19 crisis it was cancelled.

However because it was cancelled didn’t stop the organizers being innovative and the Mining exhibition is going ahead but on a virtual platform.

COVIDMIN has more than 2,200 people registered from 21 countries, running between 9-11 June 2020. This is definitely a first for AJ Power and Jorge Arroita who is responsible for our diesel generators sales and partners in South America region is attending this virtual exhibition.

COVIDMIN 2020 is the first virtual mining event and offers a wide range of expert content, presentations and discussion panels at the highest level as well as a technical and training program, with the aim of helping to overcome the health and economic crisis in the sector.

The platform enables participants to attend the presentations and also network as you would at a normal exhibition, meetings have been set up with new partners and the next three days are an exciting and new way of doing business as we continue to navigate a global business during COVID-19

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Have you ever wondered what makes an engine smoke blue? What components are the key causes? What can you do to reduce your risk of blue smoke? Blue smoke is seen in the exhaust gases as burnt lubricating oil and can originate in several areas within the engine and usually means trouble.

The first area where blue smoke may appear is from within the cylinder head, worn valves or worn valve guide seals may be causing excess oil to seep into the intake stroke of the engine. Valve guide seals can break down due to irregular oil and/or filter changes. It is also advisable to replace valve springs, collets and seats, or the problem might be in the cylinder block, wear on pistons and piston rings can result in blue smoke at all speeds, loads and temperatures.

Considering on average that pistons travel 34 kmph and change direction up to 26,400 times an hour, the piston rings are susceptible to gumming without proper maintenance, this causes a loss of combustion pressure and power. In the generator application, prolonged underloading the engine (below 35% of rating) will eventually result in glazing of the cylinder bores (Wet-Stacking), unburnt fuel in the exhaust system and coking up of the cylinder head/valves/ports.

If acted upon early this can be reversed with a loadtest around full rating for a few hours. If your engine is still producing blue smoke there is one more potential culprit, gummed up or worn seals are an open invitation for oil to seep into the turbocharger, remember engine maintenance is important, using the correct oil is crucial to overall performance, don’t skip scheduled service, used genuine manufacturers parts to keep your engine at its best and use the Manufacturers distributor network for all your maintenance and repair needs, because blue shouldn’t make you see red!

See a short animation on the subject here

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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- Oscar Wilde

Mimicry is found in many aspects of life and none more so than in manufacturing, the label made in the UK is used by many organisations and yet their products are not truly made in the United Kingdom.

When you buy something that has been made in the UK you are buying a product which has been skilfully manufactured as well as built to last. Yes, some imported goods may be cheaper in the short term, but the fact is that goods manufactured in the UK have an extra level of quality that you will not find in product imitating to be made in the UK.

AJ Power was establish in 2003 and we have designed and manufactured over 30,000 diesel generators and exported to over 85 countries worldwide from our headquarters in the UK. The users of AJ Power products and accessories expect nothing but the best and our engineers do not disappoint. All our diesel generators are designed at AJ Power HQ by a team of qualified and experienced mechanical and electrical engineers.

All machines are thoroughly tested before they leave our factory and we welcome our customers to come and witness this process and visit the factory which their diesel generators have been manufactured. We have a proven history of reliability, flexibility and delivery of diesel generators that are truly made in the UK.

With AJ Power you are guaranteed:

- Diesel generators that have been Made in the UK

- We use UK manufactured components

- All diesel generators are manufactured at our headquarters in the UK

- Base Frames and heavy duty enclosures are designed and manufactured in our fabrication factory at our headquarters in the UK

- All diesel generators are fully assembled and tested in our UK headquarters prior to despatch

- All products are tested pre despatch by an AJ Power engineer and maintained by our approved regional partners

- Machines are CE approved

- ISO9001, ISO1401 and ISO45001 approved

Knowing where your diesel generator is truly manufactured provides peace of mind knowing that your diesel generator has been tested to the highest standards before it is delivered to you.

If you want a product that is manufactured in the UK and the benefits that provides your project contact our sales team at: or visit our website at to find out more about our products and services.

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These are unprecedented times we are operating and the business landscape for many industries has changed over the last number of weeks and months. Like other organisations business travel, factory visits, onsite training sessions etc. have all been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

AJ Power have put measures in place to support our customers, as we continue to be the partner that they can rely on to deliver. We hold approximately £10m of stock at any time and this has proved to be vital as we adapt to the new normal moving forward to ensure orders are shipped when required.

Guaranteeing our customers receive the same level of service as they always have, is something the team at AJ Power have been working hard to maintain even in these challenging times. Our customers have been very understanding as things have changed globally, everyone has been impacted by this pandemic and we are all adapting to the new way of doing business.

AJ Power diesel generators have been arriving with our customers worldwide and knowledge transfer is an essential element of our business partnerships. Normally our engineers are onsite training teams but given the travel bans and lock down within many countries we have had to use technology to continue these programs.

During the last few months we have been revaluating our current forms of training delivery to ensure that our customers are getting what they need during this pandemic. We want our partners to know that although the world may have changed over the past few months they can continue to rely on AJ Power, as they support their customers.

Technology has always played a part of our communication relationship with partners whether this is via Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting etc. So extending this to deliver our training programmes was the natural step during this pandemic. We have transferred some onsite face to face training to online for our partners so our knowledge programs can continue especially with new products and services.

Training has taken place with partners in South America recently for our control panel systems which enabled our engineers to deliver their sessions while demonstrating the features, interface and components of the products. Incorporating technology, presentations and videos we have been successfully continuing to deliver our training programmes.

No one knows how long the current situation is going to last, we may not be able to visit our partners as we normal do, but we continue to keep in contact, ensuring we are providing what they require whether that is through training, support, guidance or products.

If you would like to book a training session with our team please contact us at

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Offering customers reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

All of our diesel generators are manufactured at our head quarters based in the UK. We operate over 3 plants on the site and each of the factories have specific capabilities in order to provide our customers with the delivery and solutions they require to meet the needs of their projects.

Take a moment to watch our corporate video here.

AJ Power offers customers reliability, efficiency and flexibility through our range of manufacturing capabilities.


- Large Scale Fabrication

- Low / Medium Voltage

- Automated Production Container Design & Manufacture

- Choice of Engines & Alternators Brands

- 10kVA - 4000kVA

- Digital Control Systems

- Remote Communications

- Utility Synchronising

Our diesel generators are delivered to over 85 countries worldwide. If you would like to find out more about our services and how they can add value to your project please contact us on

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AJ Power specialises in the volume manufacture and bespoke design of diesel generating sets from 10kVA to 4000kVA.

Our highly qualified team has a global vision that drives the company forward combined with state-of-the-art facilities, this allow us to deliver solutions to meet your needs.

We offer our a range of services to our customers including.


- Technical Site Surveys

- After Sales Support

- Product Training

- Project Management

- Manufacture of Acoustic Containers

- Factory or Site Witness Test

- Full Site Installation Commissioning

Our diesel generators are delivered to over 85 countries worldwide. AJ Power also offer you a choice of alternators and engines to all our customers.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how they can add value to your project please contact us on

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Putting you in control

This LV panel houses a DSE7420 control panel, 400A ATS changeover switch and 2 x 400A circuit breakers - one for the genset and one for testing with a loadbank (shunt trip on this CB to ensure the genset is in AMF mode at all times). The DSE7420 panel controls the generator and the ATS panel.

For more information on our control panels contact us at or click here.

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Article from Scania UK in WIP magazine Jan/ Feb 2020 edition regarding the power solutions provided by AJ Power.

The turnkey emergency power solution at Scania’s Milton Keynes Customer Support Centre has chalked up its first 12-months of trouble-free operation

In the fast-moving world of transport, delays cost money. Therefore, for Scania – one of the world’s leading suppliers of heavy trucks, buses, coaches and industrial and marine engines – ensuring continuity of service for its 24/7/365 customer support operation was a key design parameter when the company decided on a complete redevelopment of its UK Customer Support Centre. Scania has been based in Milton Keynes since 1981 and over the years its computerised systems have been extensively developed in order to provide vital specification information and data on every vehicle and engine passing through its service network today.

The fact that many of its 86 UK service points are open around the clock means it is essential for dealers to be able access to Scania’s systems at all times if operator-uptime is to be maximised. “To cover the emergency power requirements at our new 6,200-metre, three storey premises, we turned to generator set manufacturer A J Power of Craigavon, Northern Ireland,” says David Bamber, General Manager – Scania Engines. “Scania and AJ Power have enjoyed a business relationship of many years standing and today numerous Scania-powered AJ Power gensets are in operation throughout the world.

“After reviewing the power requirements for our new premises, AJ Power recommended two AJ770 (770 KVA) diesel gensets powered by Scania DC16 78A engines. The specification included an auto start panel, coolant heater, alternator anti-condensation heater, fire valve and an automatic fuel transfer system.” As part of the installation it was agreed that AJ Power would supply, deliver and position the two gensets along with two 850-litre bunded bulk tanks, fill points and double skinned fuel pipework complete with leak detection system. An integral part of the power generation system are AJ Power InSight4000 controllers.These enable the programming of bespoke fuel transfer logic, which monitors the fuel level in the gensets day tank. If the generating set reaches a low level the bulk tank will be called to pump fuel into the day tank.

Each of the gensets operates in conjunction with a fully automated customer changeover panel to provide backup power to two separate LV switchboards. Each set is backed up to one side of the switchboard, so that if the mains fails on either side the corresponding generating set will be called upon to start. A bus tie breaker routes power between each switchboard in order to ensure full backup at all times. With installation complete AJ Power engineers visited the site to test and commission the gensets and provide training on the operation of the system, before handing over to Scania its new turnkey emergency power backup system. In the 12-months which have passed since commissioning, Scania has enjoyed trouble-free operation from its new gensets.

A weekly test routine, in which both sets are run for ten minutes, has revealed no operational or performance issues. David Bamber reports there has been one occasion to date where the company has had to rely on its emergency power solution:

“There was a major power outage affecting much of the Milton Keynes estate where we are based,” he says. “The emergency back up system kicked in seamlessly; there was a momentary dimming of the lights as the gensets came on stream, but continuity of supply was maintained throughout. Most importantly, there was no disruption to any of our systems, which meant we were able to maintain a full operational service to our dealers and customers for the entire duration of the power outage event.”

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Acoustic enclosures for the entire range of AJ Power diesel generating sets.

Our canopies are manufactured of pre-treated galvanised steel and coated with polyester powder coated paint, they are designed with low velocity airflow to prevent the ingress of water, sand and dirt.

This is extremely advantageous to the operational life of the engine and alternator and will ensure your AJ Power sound attenuated generating set will operate in even the harshest conditions

For further information contact us on or visit our canopies section of the website.

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Load Shedding In South Africa.

Our South African subsidiary FGW Generators recently featured on an eNCA story on load shedding , Click to view feature.

Our subsidiary in South Africa continue to support businesses in times of load shedding.

To find out more about their critical power solutions email FGW Generators at contact

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Our partner in Bolivia, recently completed the commissioning of two AJ50 single phased, Perkins powered gensets for the telecommunication network in the town of Riberalta, Beni.

The town is also known as the capital of the Amazon, with a population of 90, 000 people the main attraction is the Amazon River and its forest. With its tropical savanna climate, AJ Power gensets are the perfect reliable power solution for our customers’ requirements.

AJ Power supplied each genset with a 600 litre tank with analogue fuel level measurement, which is piped to an external 2500 litre diesel tank, an Insight 3250 control panel with ethernet card. Both gensets are monitored from 600 miles away and each operate 12 hours a day thanks to a synchronised and programmed ATS3-250 amps between both groups.

If you want to know more about this project or other similar projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at +44 (0) 28 3836 1000 or email

Click to view the gensets in action.

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AJ Power recently supplied diesel generators to a major telecommunication company in South America.

We supplied generators ranging from 16.6kVA to 330 kVA. The tender was secured with our partner in Bolivia, Agencias Generales SA (AGSA).

AGSA is one the most established and recognised brands in Bolivia, and our relationship with them has been strengthened over the last number of years due to the quality of our products, flexible delivery times and customer service. Some of the challenges we face in the Bolivian market are that the generators need to perform at altitudes of 4000 metres above sea level.

This results in a drop in air pressure, and can create problems for the generator starting up. Another challenge is the availability of ambient air to facilitate heat dissipation from the generator, which results in a lot of heat being created during the combustion process and this needs to be dissipated into the environment to reduce engine temperature. At high altitudes, due to the low air density, heat dissipation occurs at a much slower rate than it would at sea levels, resulting in high engine temperatures for a sustained period of time.

The engine remains hot and overheating is a common problem in such cases. These are elements which AJ Power machines can cope with and made our gensets the first choice for these extreme conditions.

If you would like to speak to our team about diesel generators in extreme conditions contact the Sales Team on +44 (0) 28 3836 1000 or email

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A full turnkey backup power solution comprising 2 X AJ770 Scania Powered DC16 078 canopied sets, bunded bulk fuel tanks, delivery, installation and commissioning.

When Scania GB announced plans for a new main office in Milton Keynes they contacted their long standing partner AJ Power to provide the emergency power solution.

The UK Customer Support Centre at Milton Keynes, occupies almost eight acres with the main building providing 6,200sqm over three storeys. After reviewing their requirements, the Project Team at AJ Power, recommended they would supply two AJ770 diesel gensets powered by a Scania DC16 78 engine. The specification included; auto start panel, coolant heater, alternator anti condensation heater, bunded base fuel tank, fire valve and an automatic fuel transfer system.

As the contractors and consultants for the project the AJ Power Project Team attended a site meeting to finalise the generator specification and establish the installation requirements on site. As part of the installation it was agreed that AJ Power would supply, deliver and position the two gensets along with two 850 Litre bunded bulk tanks, fill points, double skinned fuel pipework complete with leak detection system.

After the completion of the installation AJ Power engineers visited the new site to test and commission the generating sets with InSight4000 controllers and provide training on general operation of the system. Using the InSight4000 controllers internal PLC, AJ Power were able to program bespoke fuel transfer logic which monitors the fuel level in the gensets day tank, if the generating set reaches a low level the bulk tank will be called to pump fuel into the day tank.

Each AJ Power generating sets operates in conjunction with a fully automated customer changeover panel to provide backup power to two separate LV switchboards. Each generating set is backup to one side of the switchboard, if a mains fails on either side the corresponding generating set will be called to start. A bus tie breaker can also be incorporated to route power between each switchboard to ensure full backup.

AJ Power would like to congratulate Scania GB on the opening of their fantastic new Milton Keynes head office.

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FGW Generators was delighted to welcome the Irish Ambassador for South Africa.

FGW Generators was delighted to welcome the Irish Ambassador for South Africa H.E. Fionnuala Gilsenan and Second Secretary Louisa Heneghan on Friday 6 December 2019 at their Cape Town Facility.

The Irish Government recently launched their new Africa Strategy on 28 November 2019. Building on Ireland’s longstanding engagement with Africa, ‘Global Ireland: Ireland’s Strategy for Africa to 2025’ will see Ireland strengthen political partnerships with African countries and institutions. It will put in place frameworks to boost trade and investment.

Ambassador Gilsenan was visiting Cape Town to ascertain how the Embassy could continue to engage and support the local Irish business community.

Welcoming Ambassador Gilsenan to the offices was Andrew Pigott of AJ Power, who introduced the business, discussed AJ Power’s investment in South Africa and the plans for the Group in Africa. They further spoke of the benefits of having a presence in South Africa along with its challenges.

We would like to thank the Ambassador and the Second Secretary for taking the time to visit our premises and wish the Ambassador every success in her tenure in South Africa.

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AJ Power recently designed and manufactured a 160A G10 Protection panel for use on a Solar PV system in Co Galway.

Working with Killtech Electrical Ltd, who installed the Solar PV System including Rooftop PV Panels and invertors, we completed the commissioning and witness test with an ESB Engineer at the end of November. Generators that operate in parallel with the electricity distribution system, even for a brief period, are referred to as Paralleled or Embedded Generation. Types of Generators can include Diesel, Gas, Wind and Solar PV.

Distribution network operators (DNOs) Grid Codes for both the UK (G99) and Ireland (G10) insist on an independent Protection Relay which looks at the quality and stability of the mains electricity. The relay is programmed to certain fixed parameters dictated by the DNO; these typically include under/over voltage, under/over frequency, ROCOF (rate of change of frequency) and will trip and isolate the embedded generator if the Mains Electricity is outside limits. On this project the Protection Relay utilised was a ComAp MainsPro.

The unit was programmed to ESB G10 Protection settings for Generation units <200kW. The complete G10 Panel was fully witness tested in the presence of an ESB Engineer which included Static Tests with relay injection test set (Omicron CMC156) to prove correct and accurate tripping of the Relay Dynamic Tests were also carried out to prove Primary Trip and Backup Trip devices and also a simulated loss of mains test to prove disconnect.

For further details on our special and non-standard control systems please contact us at

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AJ Power’s subsidiary FGW Generators based in South Africa, completed the installation of two AJ2500 Perkins powered generating sets for a Data Centre in Cape Town.

The cost of power outages for a data centre can be detrimental to their business and reputation. Data centre downtime is not an option for any operator, uptime is crucial which is why it is critical to have a reliable solution for backup power.

AJ Power’s subsidiary FGW Generators based in South Africa, recently completed the installation and commissioning of two AJ2500 Perkins powered generating sets for a Data Centre in Cape Town. The lead time on this project was critical, with the order finalised just shy of the Christmas break 2018.

It was then a race against time!

The two sets were manufactured and shipped from AJ Power in Northern Ireland on time in early 2019 and arrived safely into Cape Town, the first port of call in South Africa, soon after.

Upon arriving at site, the two thirteen and a half tonne sets were rigged over trees and into their respective generator rooms.

Electrical connections, fuel connections and the exhaust system were then completed to create the neat, tidy and professional installation.

This project is an excellent example of just one company we work with in this sector who understands the importance of having a continuous reliable power supply in place.

AJ Power and FGW Generators worked in collaboration to successfully complete the project.

Conveying our ability to deliver engineering excellence, built on experience.

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AJ Power are delighted to confirm that we have retained ISO9001, IS014001 and been awarded the new health and safety standard ISO 45001 (the replacement for OHSAS18001) at the first attempt.

IS0 9001 demonstrates that AJ Power have consistently provided products and services that meet our customers and regulatory needs.

ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental management systems (EMS). The EMS helps us to control environmental aspects, reduce impacts and ensure legal compliance.

ISO 45001 demonstrates that we have a continuous commitment to improving our employees’ safety, reducing workplace risks and promoting workplace safety.

These globally recognised qualifications ensure that AJ Power are meeting best practice processes across management quality, health & safety and environmental systems and they are embedded into the culture of our organisation.

As a customer of AJ Power you can rest assure you are in good hands when you choose us as your preferred supplier of diesel powered generators. For further details on our products and services click here to check out our range of products

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MTU engines are known for their power, performance and innovation and our MTU gensets start at 750kVA through to 4000kVA.

The core brand of Rolls Royce power Systems AG, one of the world’s leading providers of medium to large diesel engines. The company has a history spanning 100 years and is repeatedly at the forefront of technological progress.

Using 2000 and 4000 series engine range at AJ Power we recommend MTU on mission critical projects where fuel efficiency emissions level and load are equally as important. We use them for our large data centre projects, hospitals, power stations, airports and treatment works. With impressive load acceptance, low fuel consumption, low emissions and long service intervals. Coupled with their innovative capabilities, reliability and system competence, MTU combines unique drive system know-how and a large range of products of excellent quality, making it the perfect engine for the largest of the AJ Power range - the 9 Series.

This coupled with AJ Power’s reputation for delivery, service and engineering expertise makes us the best partner to supply MTU gensets. All our gensets are made in the UK. We hold a high level of stock which allows us flexible delivery. Our team take the time understand your needs to ensure that the genset will be fit for the project. Over 200 projects have trusted AJ Power to deliver MTU gensets worldwide for projects within healthcare, utilities, data centre and industrial settings.

MTU engines provide a range of benefits:

• Robust mode of construction for extreme operations (in terms of altitude and temperature)

• Low life cycle costs

• Proven technology

• Emissions-optimized engines

• Quite and low in vibrations

• Optimal fuel consumption

• Over average load factor over 24 hours

• Maximum availability of engine power through power regulation of altitude and temperature

At AJ Power not only are you getting the new higher output of MTU 4000 series engine, you also have a choice of alternators at LV or HV through Mecc Alte, Stamford or Leroy Somer.

This includes oversized alternators where required for derates (temperature/height) or when running in parallel against the UK grid. We can supply mechanically driven, electrically driven or even remote cooling for temperate or tropical applications with low airflow and high duct allowance options. We can supply either Woodward, Comap, Deep Sea or Deif controllers to suit all running conditions. Island, set-to-set, set-to mains, multiple set and mains with hot standby plc’s and outstations with fibre optic ring networks. This flexibility is coupled with full technical support for initial generator sizing, space planning, attenuation (plant-room or container), fuel storage, delivery, and control and load management systems.

For further details on AJ Power MTU Engines, applications and projects please contact us at

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AJ Power can provide a control system to meet all your needs. The modern range of digital control systems offers flexibility for the user, ease of use and optimises the performance of your generating set. We can also provide special control systems for complex projects.

With our ‘hands on’ experience of utilising industry leading control panels such as Woodward, ComAp, Deif, Allen Bradley, Schneider and numerous others, our Electrical Engineers can design and commission bespoke control systems to solve challenging control requirements, regardless of the complexity.

Solutions we can provide include:

• Multiple synchronised generators (including Load management and N+1 redundancy solutions)
• Mains Parallel Generator(s) for Short Term or long term paralleling options
• Utility Protection relay panels including panels to meet G99 and G10 (ROI) utility standards
Bespoke ATS (Automatic Transfer System) Panels
• Load Distribution Panels
• HMI Interface Panels
• PLC Systems for complex circuit breaker switching requirements and load management controls.
• Remote monitoring
Medium Voltage distribution (up to 13.8kV), Transformers and Neutral earthing arrangements.

Our engineers specialise in the synchronisation of generator sets including the synchronisation of multiple diesel generators to allow more redundancy on-site or the synchronisation of existing equipment back to the UK power grid – this service includes G99 equipment installation, commissioning and testing.

AJ Power also design, manufacture and install Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panels. Our new ATS3 is ready and available to all customers. The ATS is connected to both primary and backup power sources, it serves as an intermediary between equipment and the power supplies, acting as an electrical relay meaning that there is no need to manual start the diesel generator in the event of a power cut. The new ATS3 is IP52 and is available in ratings 100A through 630A.

To discuss your requirements further please contact our sales team at

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With all the efforts that are made in the testing, servicing and maintenance of your genset, the diesel fuel is sometimes overlooked. Diesel fuel can be polished - filtered and enhanced using the latest technology but in the higher latitudes it is important to remember the difference between “winter” diesel and “summer” diesel blends.

A very clean sample of summer diesel is fine in the summer but in the colder climates, as winter approaches, Summer Diesel can be a real issue. During unseasonal cold weather some diesel engines will experience difficulties with starting. These problems arise from the formation of wax crystals, which block fuel filters and lines. Users who live in cooler regions must be aware of the problems that can arise from using diesel during winter.

All diesel fuel contains wax. It is considered an important diesel component because of its high cetane value. Normally the wax is a liquid in the fuel, however, when diesel fuel gets cold enough the wax starts to crystallize. If the temperature is sufficiently low, enough crystals will form to block the fuel filters and the engine can stop through fuel starvation.

Diesel suppliers will provide a fuel “blend” that is appropriate to the season in which it is supplied, they vary the cloud point accordingly, higher for summer and lower for winter (similar to antifreeze additive to water cooling systems). There are different methods of regulation and measurement in different countries but the desired outcome is still the same.

A genset full of unused summer diesel in January may experience problems however, this could be overcome with the addition of anti-waxing agents or trace heating on the fuel system but it is in the interest of the user to be proactive with the solution instead of trying to solve the problem after it happens.

Be aware of the fuel in your tank, the hotter climates will never suffer this waxing issue but they have problems of their own with the same result due to bacterial growth/ condensation contamination, stopping the engine due to fuel line and filter blockage.

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CONEXPO Latin America 2019 concluded a successful run October 2-5 in Santiago and AJ Power was pleased have attended the show as part of the Northern Ireland pavilion along with Invest NI.

AJ Power was one of thirteen companies from Northern Ireland who recently exhibited at CONEXPO Latin America, the leading exhibition for the materials handling sector in Latin America.

The show had more than 20,000 registrants from dozens of countries and attendees had access to more than 600 exhibitors and it featured pavilions from North America, China, Germany and Northern Ireland.
The four days proved very busy for Andy Mackey, Director of Sales and Jorge Arroita, Sales Executive – Latin America with some excellent contacts made in the region that we hope develop in the near future.

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When our partner in Russia contacted us about a range of generators for the mining and mineral extraction market it came as no surprise that they wanted Medium voltage gensets.

So what are the benefits of choosing a Medium Voltage machine?

When large amounts of power are required to be delivered, once you exceed 6300A on Low Voltage Machines it can be become very difficult to achieve due to the amount and size of copper conductors required. Using Medium Voltage Generating sets (voltage range 3.3-13.8kV) give many advantages over LV Generating Sets.

These include:

- Use of much less copper in the form of smaller conductors and fewer sets of conductors

- Capability to transmit power over greater distances with fewer power losses Lower voltage drops

- More efficient on-site distribution

Specialised Area of Work:

In Medium Voltage environments, safety is essential. Here at AJ Power we have specialist and experienced staff who are trained and authorised to work with Medium voltage generators. We have Senior Authorised Persons (SAP) engineers that are responsible for the safety of themselves and others in MV areas; the Senior Authorised Person must take steps to ensure MV equipment is safely isolated and safe to work on and is ultimately responsible as a senior figure for overseeing the work of Authorised Persons. AJ Power can design and build and test medium voltage units to your specification.

We can also design and deliver a complete MV System including:

- Full Site Fault Level Study service

- Supply of Step up / Step Down Transformers

- Supply of Neutral Earthing Resistor / Neutral Earthing Contactors

- Supply of MV Switchboards / Packaged Switchboards in Containers

- Supply of Battery Tripping Units (BTU)

If you would like to find about more about our medium voltage projects and products please contact us on

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We were delighted to be part of the investor round table on Friday 6 September, at the British High Commissioners Residence in Cape Town.

Thanks to @NigelCaseyHC for hosting the conversation and @BritchamSAfrica for the fantastic work it does in stimulating and supporting the British/South African business network #UKinSA

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AJ Power are continually developing the knowledge of our partner network and this ensures that our customers all around the world are kept up to date with the latest news, developments and technical specifications of our products and services. In addition customers are also have the peace of mind that they are working with a company that understands their needs and can provide a solution, pre, during and post-sale.

This was evident recently when our training team and Sales Manager for Russia completed intensive technical training with our partner Komek Machinery.

Komek Machinery is an official distributor of reliable and high-quality equipment for the mining, construction, oil and gas, forestry, road and municipal industries. They have been providing customers with comprehensive support, services and solving most of the technical tasks of customers across an extensive network of branches, representative offices and dealers in more than 20 cities of Russia.

AJ Power has been working with Komek Machinery for a number of years and we welcomed the opportunity to transfer our knowledge to build upon the Komek teams’ expertise. The training sessions empower partners with the knowledge and understanding on the complete range of products and services offered by AJ Power in order to meet the needs of customers on the ground. We are expanding our global coverage and it is vital that we find partners who share our ethos and provide the best “local” sales support and after sales services within their regions.

Komek Machinery proactivity to ensure that their staff have all the technical information they require in order to support customers critical power needs is to be applauded and we were only too happy to provide the training. Sharing information across the network also provides us with relevant feedback from customers in a variety sectors and locations.

We continue to work closely with our partner network to ensure that a complete 360 power solution is provided from the initial assessment through to ongoing support.

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AJ Power was delighted to welcome the Minister of State at the Department for International Trade, Mr Conor Burns MP, to their premises on the 14th August.

The Minister toured the manufacturing facilities and viewed the range of generating sets which are distributed by the company to over 85 countries worldwide. He was also able to see the significant factory investment made by the company since the Brexit decision of 2016.

The company also discussed their plans to access high growth future opportunities as well as how they will mitigate risk on exit. Upper Bann MP David Simpson welcomed Minister Conor Burns to the constituency commenting; “It was a privilege to welcome the new Trade Minister to the Upper Bann constituency. As we get closer to the deadline of 31st October when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, it is imperative that Companies like AJ Power are assured that the government will do all they can to help exports continue with as little bureaucracy as possible and are given every opportunity to widen their global markets. “

Before departing the Minister was shown the new low emissions products that launches next year. The first a Stage V generating set for use inside ultra-low emissions zones and the second a high efficiency hybrid set which has been designed for use on off grid radio base stations that are used by the mobile telecommunications industry.

Minister of State, Conor Burns said: “Our new free trade agreements will bring benefits to people right across the UK, so I’m happy to be back home in Northern Ireland this week. Successful exporting businesses like AJ Power are helping to drive our trade around the world and support jobs across the nation. “Northern Ireland plays a vital role in securing the United Kingdom’s shared prosperity. I look forward to working with businesses across Northern Ireland to help make sure they are fully prepared for leaving the EU on 31 October – and then ready to trade with the world.”

Image Caption: (L2R) David Simpson, MP Upper Bann, Minister of the State at the Department for International Trade, Conor Burns, MP and Ashley Pigott, Managing Director AJ Power.

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We have four of the following sets available ex stock.

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AJ Power were approached by a company who needed to provide backup power to an apartment block consisting of eleven apartments and a communal area. Simple enough, you would think.

However it became apparent as we prepared the solution for the customer that one ATS would not be a viable option at the main incomer, as all the electricity meters would continue operating even when the genset was supplying the load. The solution, a custom built ATS with a change-over system, eleven ATS switches (10 x 63A and 1 x 250A) which were linked together and controlled by one ATSc controller. All this was housed in a modular floor standing enclosure to allow easy connection for all the bottom cable entries. Workmanship doesn’t get much better than this, wouldn’t you agree.

For further information on our solutions to your requirements please contact us on

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As we celebrated International Women in Engineering on Sunday 23 June it is also important to look at the whole arena of STEM and females.

If we think about key skills needed in today’s workplace: problem solving, analytical thinking and the ability to work independently these transferable skills are all related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Looking at the figures for STEM subjects, you’ll find fewer girls than boys choosing to study them in secondary school, and fewer girls choosing to make a career in STEM fields. According to WISE, women make up 23% of those cores STEM occupations in the UK and 24% of those working in core STEM industries.

They recently published that the trends are very positive, with more women working in core STEM than ever before. 61,430 more women work in core STEM in 2017 than in 2016. The number of men in core STEM fell by 45,980 in the same period. Their short term goal is to have one million women working in core STEM occupations by 2020.

Here at AJ Power we are doing our best to help meet this short term goal. Niamh Carey the only female in our engineering department is flying the flag for female engineers. She is also encouraging the next generation of young people to consider these core subjects through her role as a mentor on our HLA Programme and as an Ambassador with STEM NI. To read more about Niamh journey click here.

We also have several females promoting the mathematical strand of STEM from chartered accountants, trainee’s accountants and accounts administrators who have chosen to continue their career in the field of mathematics. Within our sales department we have qualified female engineers transferring their product knowledge to meet customer needs and requirements rather than on the product design side. (As pictured above)

An extract from the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts Delivering STEM skills for the economy Forty-Seventh Report of Session 2017–19 Report, stated, “STEM skills are crucial for the UK’s productivity, and a shortage of STEM skills in the workforce is one of our key economic problems. The future workforce relies on many more children and young people being encouraged to take STEM subjects and enter STEM careers.”

AJ Power employs a vast workforce, many from Northern Ireland’s specialist universities, designing, developing, manufacturing and testing a wide range of gensets. We pride ourselves on our highly skilled workforce across all divisions which is displayed not only in our products but also our services which we offer to customers. As a leading global engineering employer it is vital that we continue to promote STEM to young people male and female as they are the future of an innovative and dynamic economy.

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Sunday 23 June will mark 2019’s International Women in Engineering Day. This global awareness campaign, coordinated by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), aims to increase the profile of women in engineering worldwide and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in engineering and related industries.

The theme chosen for International Women in Engineering Day this year is ‘Transform the Future’ it is both aspirational and inspirational to encourage women to choose a career in engineering. It is also one part of the Women’s Engineering Society Centenary theme which is ‘Remembering the Past, Celebrating the Present and Transforming the Future.’ In the UK the number of women working in engineering is still only around 12% - much lower than where it should be. This is also highlighted in our own team of engineers at AJ Power. We sat down with Niamh Carey, the only female within our engineering department, to have a chat with her about her role, her path into engineering, what advice she would offer anyone entering the world of engineering or STEM and what she felt are the developments which are going to impact engineering over the next years. Niamh has overall responsibility for the AJ Power 3 Series range of generators with electrical output from 10kVA to 64kVA and is also the principle engineer for the introduction of Stage V engines into genset production.

Niamh Carey – Mechanical Engineer AJ Power

When did you know that you wanted a career in Engineering?

Looking back on it now, a career in engineering was on the cards for me from a very young age, without being blindingly obvious at the time. Through close family relationships I developed a range of transferable skills especially in DIY with my father and grandfather who both had engineering roots.I spent a lot of time with them working on various projects from taping holes for a replacement projector bracket to building/mending model airplanes. Accompanied with my mother’s flare for fabric creativity in upholstery and dressmaking, it is really no wonder I ended up in a design role. Although I believe I can accredit the defining moment I decided to become an engineer to a Queens University, Belfast lecturer. Whilst talking to him about the Product Design Engineering degree at a university open day and watching his shocked reaction to a girl having achieved an A grade in Technology and Design at both GCSE and AS Level. In that moment I knew I wanted to prove him wrong, that if anyone was going to fight the battle for a female engineering professional, it would be me.

What was your path into Engineering?

When explaining my route into engineering, I always tell people I “fell” into it. I had a number of career options in mind when it came to subject choices in school. Unable to make a decision, I simply chose subjects I enjoyed, Art and Design, Business Studies and Technology and Design. These subjects led me hand in hand down the route of product design. With a slight drop in a predicted grade come A Level results day, I began my university journey studying a foundation degree in Product Design and Development Engineering and subsequently followed onto the Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

What does your job involve?

No day is ever the same and I have a wide variety of roles. My main role is that of a mechanical engineer who has overall responsibility for the 3 Series range of generators with electrical output from 10kVA to 64kVA. Seeing designs through from concept, manufacture and production as well as co-ordinating component updates, production changes and specific customer enquiries. In addition to this main role, I am the principle engineer for the introduction of Stage V engines into genset production. Lead engineer to 3, 5 and 7 Series product engineers and professional mentor to two Higher Level Apprenticeship students currently working towards a foundation degree in Mechatronic Engineering. CAD Manager of PDM Professional, Solidworks and Draftsight, maintaining servers, licensing, training and software upkeep as well as in-house engineering support. Conduct routine maintenance for technical compliance with CE, to include testing, compiling evidential reports and filing for certifications. I have a key role in recruitment and interviewing of apprentice, placement and graduate engineers including attendance at careers events and fairs. I have continuous collaboration with our sales and marketing department as a technical contact and I am a member of the internal auditing team ensuring companies compliance with ISO9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environmental) and the new 45001 (Health and Safety). I establish and maintain relationships with suppliers to aid product development and continued product supply which may involve UK and European travel representing both the engineering department and AJ Power whilst visiting suppliers and attending exhibitions.

What advice would you give any young person looking to get into this sector?

I volunteer as a STEM Ambassador for Northern Ireland, where I actively encourage the younger generation into pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers. Through school visits, mentoring and judging at various STEM events. I have a few pointers that I tell them on a regular basis:

University - University is NOT the only avenue. With the ever-increasing demand for engineers there are a number of routes which you can take to progress in your engineering career. For those who are put off by full time study there is the option of apprenticeships. Speak to your local regional college or sit down with a careers advisor to find out all of the options available to you. Schools can sometimes give the impression that there is no other option but to go to university straight after a levels, but for many people this isn’t the right avenue for them and it isn’t the only option!

Maths - if university is your choice studying Maths is a must. I know it can be a hateful subject at the time, it was a sticking point for myself in school too. But it is increasingly becoming a permanent subject requirement on many university courses, not just engineering. I thoroughly believe my degree would have been a lot simpler if I had that Maths grounding behind me.

Confidence… Have confidence in your ability. Figure out where you want to be and work your hardest to get there. I can guarantee, if you really want something, you will find a way to get it. Regardless of your grades. Don’t let anything get in your way.

Why do you think it is important that we should encourage young people to continue studies within the area of STEM? As the sole female engineer within AJ Power it never ceases to amaze me how many times, I have to explain that as an engineer I do not spend my day in overalls working under a dirty car bonnet. We need to continue to fight this stigma and increase the awareness of just how important engineers are to our everyday life. We hear all about the inventors who dream up the next innovation and the businesses who market and sell it to success, however we hear very little about the middle men and women, the engineers who take that dream and develop it into a product that is commercially viable. Engineering is such an exciting role with so many opportunities in a variety of industries that you will be able to find a job that you won’t dread getting out of bed for in the morning. With an abundance of grants and benefits designed to entice people into a STEM career in conjunction with the guarantee of a job due to a UK skills shortage it’s hard to find reasons not to become an engineer.

What developments are going to impact the sector in the next 5 years?

The changes in emissions legislation as well as the increased awareness of waste recycling and pollution in general to protect the environment we live in will have a huge impact. It is already changing regulations for engine suppliers to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals their exhaust systems are forcing out into the atmosphere, kicking off the introduction of Stage V. Continuous research and development of the combustion process and ways to improve it combined with innovations in materials, manufacture and production has provided a gradual increase in the mechanical output we can now expect from engines regardless of their size. This progress is ongoing and constantly moving forward, proven by the introduction of hybrid and electrically driven cars.

Niamh is a fantastic ambassador for engineering not only for females but the next generation of young engineers that we have the responsibility of shaping and moulding through our Higher Level Apprentice programme here at AJ Power. Through her work as a STEM NI Ambassador she is dedicated to share her passion about the advancement and interest in STEM subjects to as wide an audience as possible which can only result in a positive impact and transform the future skills of our young people in this sector.

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The recent investment of £7m+ enables AJ Power to expand their manufacturing capabilities with a new state of the art factory for large scale fabrication.

The new factory houses CNC plasma cutting machines, tandem brakepress, wet paint booth, shot blasting booth, powder coating booth and curing oven, along with new storage facilities for components. Using market leading ultra-sharp cutting technology to profile parts with a laser quality cut at a fraction of the cost. The CNC machines enables us to profile parts from 1mm thick through to 30mm enabling them to cut any part for our entire range of base frames.

The new state of the art Durma 4m + 4m Tandem Brake Presses allow us to fold parts for the entire range of base frames for the 3 series to 9 series generators. Each machine has a pressing force of 320 Tonne. Any out of size bespoke structure up to 4m x 4m x 12m, can be painted in the wet paint spray booth.

The new purpose built shot blasting booth provides the perfect enclosure for carrying out the surface preparation required on base frames to ensure they are perfectly clean and have the required surface profile for powder coating.

This stage in the surface finishing of base frames is critical and having such a high specification booth with full room extraction, shot blast recovery system and operator breathing equipment not only ensures base frames go through the correct process but creates the ideal environment for employees to work in.

The bespoke powder coating spray booth and curing oven which has been specifically designed to enable the painting of the entire range of base frames.

Expanding the storage facilities throughout the company allows stock to be held in order to respond quickly to customer orders. With advanced reach trucks it ensure pallets can be moved into and out of the warehouse safely and efficiently. By optimising the layout of the warehouse with high level racking, there will be more than 1500 pallet location available, ensuring a wide variation in stock to meet the ever growing demand for our range of generating sets.

The new factory is operational and adds to the current workforce of 121 worldwide. The new factory ensures AJ Power continue to meet customer expectations and manage the lead time across the 3,5,7 and 9 series, while managing the overall costs of the final product.

We are growing and the new factory is a reflection of our investment to continue that growth. We are delighted that we employ a local skilled workforce to deliver a premium product and with the expansion of the new factory we will adding to our workforce over the next couple of months and years.

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Sharing our experience of doing business in South Africa.

This week our office in South Africa had the pleasure of connecting with other businesses as part of an Invest NI IMEA event in the region. Andrew Pigott shared our successes, challenges and advice for doing business in the South African market. It was a great opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences with other businesses. We would like to thank Invest NI IMEA for the invitation and look forward to many more events in the future.

Pictured (L - R) are representatives from AJ Power, British Chamber of Business South Africa, Invest NI and FNB Business.

If you would like any further information about our work in this region please contact us at

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Stage V is the latest exhaust emission legislation for non road mobile machinery.


AJ Power are excited to be the first company to develop AGCO Power Engines in a Stage V genset application. Working in engineering collaboration with the sole engine supplier of the world renowned brands Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

Our designers are innovating a reliable, sustainable and uncomplicated generator set which will deliver your Stage V exhaust emissions requirements.

Developing the most efficient method of assembling the new after treatment technology with the the usual engine and alternator arrangement without increasing the overall footprint of the generating set.

We are constantly progressing with technological advances to provide our customers with the highest quality and most up to date equipment. Whilst maintaining a simplistic operation and maintenance approach for the end user.

AJ Power Stage V Product Range

Our product range will be available QTR 1 2020








* non AGCO engines

For further information on our Stage V range as we continue to develop the range please email

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The Nordic region's largest meeting place for the entire electricity and energy industry and AJ Power are attending with our Swedish office - AJ Reservkraft Sverige AB.

Come and visit our stand at A02:11 and have a chat with the team abut our new ATS and our Stage V range. The exhibition runs from the 7th - 10th May at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

For further information on our products or service contact us on or call us on + 44 (0) 28 3836 1000

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The Oman Energy & Water Conference & Exhibition

The Oman Energy & Water Conference & Exhibition provided us with another chance to team up with one of our partners Unicorn International LCC to share the latest developments and news about AJ Power products and services.

The exhibition is the annual gathering for PAEW where they meet their partners, contractors and suppliers. It is designed to be the largest platform for stakeholders to discuss real issues and solutions pertaining to the automation, energy and water challenges and opportunities on Oman.

For further information on our products please contact us at

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First Power By Scania gensets are dispatched.

Since 2011 AJ Power have been providing Scania distributors with Scania Gensets across the Scania Range. Towards the end 2018 this range was launched as POWER BY SCANIA and the first orders of the new range were recently dispatched.

For further information on the “Power by Scania” Range please contact us on or give us a call on + 44 (0) 28 3836 1000.

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It's all about partnerships.

AJ Power recently attended the PowerGen Expo with our partner Euro Parts BD Ltd. During the exhibition we had the opportunity to deliver a presentation to delegates on the company and our products.

Thanks to the team at Euro Parts BD Ltd for the invite to join you it was fantastic couple of days.

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We were delighted to welcome a delegation from the IET Northern Ireland to AJ Power recently. The group had a technical tour of the factory and the opportunity to learn more about us and our products.

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Henry Ford's statement you can have any colour as long as its black (or white) does not apply here at AJ Power.

One of our customers requested that the canopy was in their corporate colour, they asked and we delivered.

The AJ175 is heading to one of our European partners and has a rating of 160kVA prime power, 175kVA standby, with a Perkins engine, it is Euro Stage 3A emissions with a noise level - 69.5 dBA at 7 metres on 100% full load.

Looking something different contact our Sales Team for further information on

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AJ Power will be attending the Big Apprenticeship Event at Southern Regional College on Thursday 4 April. Come and have a chat with team about the opportunities that exist at AJ Power.

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UK Regulation Changes

The end of April 2019 sees the move from G59 to G99, from that date forward all new equipment connecting to grid in the UK must comply with G99. G99 encompasses and replaces EREC G59 and the changes apply not only to the application process but compliance requirement and commissioning requirements.

G99 also amends how generators are classified and therefore affects how different types (MW rating, technology type, location) or configurations (power park modules/power generating modules/power generating facility) must demonstrate compliance.

Under the new regulations generating devices have been split into four types as listed above. G59 is only a very small part now of the new regulations which includes detailed information on the connection process from design through to testing of the equipment through to the performance of the genset.

After the 27th April, any new generator connected that has not already been purchased and highlighted to the DNOP by mid-November must be G99 compliant.

For further information contact us at or for more on our control panels click here

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Great to catch up with some of our colleagues from Woodward last week at Data Centre World.

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Data Centre World over for another year.

We had a busy couple of days meeting customers and suppliers at Data Centre World.. Thanks for taking the time to come and have a chat with the team and to find out more about our solutions.

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Working in conjunction with subsidiary company AJ Reservkraft in Sweden, AJ Power recently despatched an AJ2845 generating set for use in a recycling plant in the Stockholm area.

The recycling plant will produce biogas from organic waste for use in vehicles and generate electricity and heat from combustible waste for the local community via a combined heat and power plant. The AJ2845 is powered by a MTU 20 cylinder 4000 series engine, coupled to a specially selected oversized Newage Stamford twin bearing frame 8 alternator generating at 11,000 volts. The InSight 6000 generator control panel and protection system was installed on the set enabling automatic synchronising with the utility supply on site. As part of the contract terms, a factory acceptance test was carried out at the AJ Power factory in the high voltage test facility using transformer and high voltage switchgear. The tests included proving various load step scenarios and an extended load run.

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An AJ Power AJ220 diesel generating set was recently delivered and commissioned to a pharmaceutical and biotech organisation, Northern Ireland.

This AJ220 provides backup electrical power to a temperature critical refrigerated facility. The canopied 5 series set comprised of an AGCO Power engine, Meccalte alternator and the AJ Power InSight4000 controller; with alternator heater kit, engine coolant heater and battery charger to ensure the set is always ready for operation.

Furthermore the control panel canopy access door was fitted with lift-off hinges to allow the generating set to be positioned within the site constraints and an accommodation was made to allow the generator to be run from an external fuel tank. The InSight4000 controller provided an integrated solution for genset monitoring, control and protection; with control of mains and generator breakers located in a neighbouring switch room.

Adding the RS485 Modbus option allowed facilities management, in a single serial connection, to include monitoring of the complete solution within their Building Management System (BMS). Another expertly engineered custom solutions designed by AJ Power that fits the application and the client requirements!

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AJ Power have recently delivered and installed two AJ1430 MTU powered diesel generating sets into Northern Irelands first ever Tier III data centre in N.Ireland.

The diesel generating sets are supporting the new data halls along with site UPS’s to prevent any loss of mains power at any time and are set up in N+1 / Swing generator setup. This means that if there is an issue with the primary genset, the secondary genset will start up to support site load.

Each genset is supplied in a 70dbA @1m container set on top of an individual 72 hour bunded fuel tank. Genset circuit breakers are designed to connect directly to solid insulated trunking delivering the electrical supply to the site switchboards.

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Picture this (on your TV) – man’s best friend is on the operating table about to undergo major surgery.

The lights are on, the pumps and monitors are on (and the cameras are on too). The SuperVet is about to make the first incision when, suddenly, everything goes dark. The pumps stop, the bleeping monitor falls silent, the cameras are off…. the power has failed! Disaster (and worse) could follow but thankfully it doesn’t as 275kVA of reliable diesel standby power starts up and saves the day! AJ Power, together with its distribution partner recently installed a 275kVA standby generator at Fitzpatrick Referrals near Godalming in Surrey, England (otherwise known as The SuperVet for those who watch UK television).

The AJ Power AJ275S generator provides 275kVA of standby power and was supplied in a low-noise soundproof enclosure with an integral bunded 400L fuel tank providing 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. The generator was fully installed and commissioned by engineers from our distributors and now ensures all our 4-legged friends are guaranteed a safe and secure stay at the famous surgery.

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In August 2017, AJ Power started the construction of its new 12m high industrial facility. A quarter of this new building will be used as a warehouse for storage and the remaining area will be a fabrication facility capable of producing our entire range of heavy fabrication.

AJ Power Limited is in receipt of SFA Capital support from Invest NI for the construction and fit out of a new Metal Fabrication Facility. This project which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020 aims to cement AJ Power’s position as a leading global genset manufacturer and provide jobs to the local economy.

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AJ Power distribution partner in Germany, recently installed an AJ1375 Perkins powered generating set for an industrial ceramic producer in Berlin.

The pictured set is the second genset installed on this site.

They are primarily used as backup power for the plant. Once the process of firing the kilns up is started, they cannot have any loss of power for the following 48 hours, as any loss of mains power during the firing period could mean all products in the kilns are lost or scrapped.

These generating sets are also being used for peak shaving during the winter months.

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In 2010, AJ Power supplied an AJ110 generating set to a Scottish Sea Salmon producer, which now has 31000 running hours on the counter.

This generating set has had an interesting life, it’s load cycle follows the 22 month production cycle of the salmon, from spawning through to adulthood. The AJ110 is the only source of power as the small fish are artificially lit subsurface to fool them into thinking it is Spring/Summer.

It will run continuously 24/7 for 12 months during this period, only stopping for maintenance and level checks. For the following 10 months the AJ110 only runs for 10 hours a day providing power for staff welfare and office facilities on the floating structures on the West Highland lochs.

Power is also needed for the feeding system which is made up of huge blowers distributing the feed via pipes from the barge to the fish pens. Next time you order Salmon from the menu, consider the scale of effort that goes into its production and the part that AJ Power played in the process! There is a chance it has been supplied by our customer!

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AJ Power will be exhibiting at Data Centre World at the ExCel in London the 21st and 22nd of March. Come and visit us at Stand D1370

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One of the original founding fathers of AJ Power, Dr Peter AJ Calvert, was recently elected Member of Council of AMPS (the Association of Manufacturers of Power generating Systems).

Further information about AMPS is available at

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We currently have AJ44 generating sets available ex stock

Powered by a BF4M 2011 Deutz oil cooled engines, these AJ44 provides 42kVA prime power, 44kVA standby.

Engines are manufactured in Cologne, Germany, and are EU Stage II Compliant, CE certified.

Competitive prices available, contact our offices now at or 028 3836 1000

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AJ Power is now live on social media

Keep up-to-date with our latest posts and tweets and help us spread what is happening in the world of AJ Power.

Join us now on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Ian McClay, General Manager for AJ Power in Middle East, recently visited the world’s largest dairy farm, located an hour outside Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

The dairy farm have been operating in Saudi Arabia and the Middle-East region for the past 36 years, employing about 3500 people working around the clock.

With over 2900 hectares of land and 75 thousand cows, the dairy farm produces 328 million litres of milk per year.

This spring, AJ Power and Rolaco, its distribution partner in Saudia Arabia, installed an AJ1540 generating set powered by a Mitsubishi engine.

This genset is set up to act as emergency backup for the cooling system of the cow sheds and the milking parlours.

Pictured above are Hammam from Rolaco, Ian McClay from AJ Power and the end user.

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AJ Power annual charity BBQ raises money for Cancer Fund for Children

AJ Power annual charity BBQ event was held a few weeks ago.

This year, a donation was made to the Cancer Fund for Children, a leading charity for children and young people living with cancer in Northern Ireland, in the hope of helping them and their families cope with the impact cancer has had on their lives.

For information on how to donate:

Picture above: Aidan, Julianne and Mark from AJ Power Charity Commitee and Lauren (on the right) from Cancer Fund For Children

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Turlough Lardner has been awarded the AJ Power prize for the most innovative final year project in power generation at Queen’s University, Belfast

Turlough’s project was to develop a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using the national instruments LabView development environment to provide remote monitoring and control capability of the new InSight6000S AJ Power generator control panel via Ethernet Modbus.

After familiarising himself with the AJ Power InSight6000s generating set controller and its software, Turlough had to firstly develop the LabView GUI to communicate with the Insight6000s, then design a clear and intuitive graphical format of the gen-set data on the HMI screen so that it would user-friendly.

The end design was then tested and evaluated on an InSight6000s generating set controller on an actual running diesel generating set at AJ Power factory.

We are also pleased to welcome Turlough into full-time employment within the electrical engineering department at AJ Power.

Pictured above are Eugene Devlin (left), project manager in AJ Power and prize-winner Turlough Lardner.

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Once again this year, AJ Power took part in the Grant Thornton Runway 5k charity run

For the third year in a row, AJ Power took part in Grant Thornton Runway run organised by business advisory firm Grant Thornton, which has selected the Make a Wish Foundation as its charity partner for the 2017 Runway Run.

The AJ Power team completed the 5k in a combined time of 89mins, finishing 16th out of 123 teams. Congratulations to our runners and all participants!

Team AJ Power: Conor Gray (Sales Executive), Eugene Devlin (Project Sales Manager), Philip Cochrane (Electrical Engineer), Andrew Pigott (Business Development Director).

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The AJ Power sponsored Ferrari 488 won the Le Mans 24 hours race GTE AM class by a complete lap.

Following on from a win in the 2nd round of the European Le Mans Series at Monza, JMW retired the trusty Ferrari 458 and changed to a new Ferrari 488 for the Le Mans 24 hour endurance event.

JMW Motorsport’s turned in a tour de force in its brand-new Ferrari 488 to win by a complete lap.

From sixth on the starting grid, Rob Smith, Will Stevens, and Dries Vanthoor made their way up, taking the lead by the end of the third hour.

The trio largely controlled the race from there, emerging as the dominant force in GTE-Am by sunrise on Sunday.

Congratulations to all the JMW Motorsport’s team!

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AJ Power subsidiary in South Africa FGW Generators has recently supplied an AJ375 canopied generating set powered by a Scania engine.

The AJ375 canopied set, destined for a government building on the outskirts of Cape Town, is supplied with an InSight 3250 control panel and GSM remote monitoring capability as the end customer wants to be able to look at the status of the set off site.

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AJ110 supplied to a pharmaceutical company based in Craigavon.

The AJ110 powered by a Perkins engine has been supplied with a sound attenuated canopy to provide sound reduction due to its outdoor application. The bunded base comes complete with bund leakage alarm which is wired back to the InSight 3250 control panel.

A fuel transfer system has been set up to allow 72 hours running, connecting the generating set to an external 1800L bunded plastic tank. The system is complete with a watchman level monitoring system installed with double skinned pipework.

Larger terminals on the genset circuit breaker have been supplied to allow the connection of 2 x 95mm² cables per phase on the load side due to long cable run between the generating set and the lab.

The InSight 3250 control panel has been supplied with volt free contacts to allow monitoring of parameters by BMS which is connected to an alarm panel located in the lab. These alarms includes genset running, low fuel level, genset in test mode and switchboard auto changeover.

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AJ Power has recently supplied, positioned and commissioned a new life safety AJ138 set within a generating room.

The AJ138 generating set powered by an AGCO engine has an integrated 8 hour bunded fuel tank. The delivery included offloading over a high fence in a narrow alley way, skating the generating set across a car park, then lifting it onto a raised plinth in the genset room.

The customer supplied and installed outlet louvres to duct the hot air out of the genset room as well as the load cables between the set and the ATS panel.

The AJ138 has been supplied with the sole purpose of providing “life safety” stable power to operate the 3 lifts within the building in the event of an evacuation, where there is the potential loss of mains power.

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Visit the AJ Reservkraft booth at Nordic region’s largest electricity and power industry show

AJ Power will be represented at Elfack by its distributor for Sweden AJ Reservkraft.

Elfack is the largest show for the electricity and power industry in the Nordic regions, attracting around 23,000 visitors. It will take place at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg, from the 9th to 12th May 2017.

Join AJ Reservkraft’s team at stand A02:01 where we will be showcasing our latest power distribution solutions.

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AJ Power has recently supplied an AJ22 and AJ66 sets to the biggest telecommunications company in Norway.

The AJ22 and AJ66 powered by Perkins engines were EU Stage IIIA compliant to comply with European Union regulations for mobile generating sets.

The canopied trailer mounted sets were supplied with a 50mm ball coupling, mud guards and lights. Captive anti vibration mounts were included to reduce movement of the equipment during transit, as well as a single point lift to ease handling.

Due to the cold environment in Norway, water heaters were fitted as well as lube oil drain pumps to ease the oil change during servicing.

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AJ275 supplied for a Northern Irish leading provider of architectural and industrial powder finishes.

AJ Power has recently provided an AJ275 generating set powered by an AGCO Power engine to a powder coating company. The generating set was supplied along with a 5000litre double skinned bulk fuel tank. The set includes a fuel level gauge and high/low level alarms and bund leakage warning alarms. Fuel lines were installed to supply directly from the bulk tank bypassing, the 400litre generating set day tank.

AJ Power provided a bespoke control solution following specific customer requirements:

The customer required that one of its factories, when in use, was always to be supplied by the generating set but also have mains failure backup. The offices on site also required mains failure backup.

The solution supplied by AJ Power was to provide two ATS panels: an ATS2-400 to be used in the factory and an ATS2-160 to be used for the offices. The ATS2-400 will be manually switched on a daily basis with both automatically switching in the event of a power failure.

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AJ Power has recently supplied a Northern Irish animal feed and fuel supplier with a bespoke drop over enclosure for an MTU powered generating set.

The primary role of the generating set is to facilitate the customer requirement for peak lopping. This means using a synchronised generator in line with the main utility power supply in order to aid the peak demand on the utility during certain time of the day or the year, especially during the winter months.

The solution supplied by AJ Power is an MTU powered 1430kVA machine in a drop over enclosure designed to tie in with the existing colours of the facility.

The enclosure also includes acoustic louvres, e-stops and roof mounted silencers.

Due to the proximity with a major waterway, it is designed to rest on a purpose built bund that surrounds the generating set in order to ensure that any leak would be contained.

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The AJ Power distribution partner JS Power based in Hull, United Kingdom, has taken delivery of their first Deutz powered 3 Series generating sets.

JS Power specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of environmentally friendly generating sets running on bio diesel.

They have accumulated years of experience in this field and gained an enviable reputation providing high value and cost effective solutions to their customers.

The Deutz powered products with their extended service intervals and bio diesel capability enhance the JS Power product offering.

Picture above: Jonathan Searby (Managing Director of JS Power) and AJ64 generating set with Deutz engine.

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We are pleased to announce the promotion of three key AJ Power members: Andy Mackey, Mark McShane and Eugene Devlin.

Andy Mackey has been promoted to the role of Director of Sales. He has over 25 years of experience in the power generation industry holding different positions for various power generation companies. Andy joined AJ Power in 2010 as Sales Manager and has contributed greatly to the development of AJ Power’s presence in the UK, Ireland and International markets. Andy’s experience and respect within the industry will undoubtedly continue to be a significant asset for AJ Power as we seek to further increase our coverage.

Mark McShane joined AJ Power in 2004 as an Electrical Engineer and has held various positions in the Electrical Engineer Department. Mark has been promoted to the position of Chief Electrical Engineer. Mark has played a significant role in the formation of the Company’s Electrical Engineering Department that has resulted in where we are today. Through Mark’s extensive experience he deliveries great service and product quality ensuring the continued success of AJ Power.

Eugene Devlin joined AJ Power 10 years ago and has held positions in the electrical engineering department, proving himself to be a committed company advocate. Eugene is now going to be AJ Power Project Sales Manager. Eugene brings a wealth of experience to the sales department, and we are excited about his new role.

From left to right: Andy Mackey (Director of Sales); Mark McShane (Chief Electrical Engineer); Eugene Devlin (Project Sales Manager).

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AJ Power Christmas dinner raises money for charity.

This year, a donation was made to Simon Community of Northern Ireland in the hope of spreading some Christmas joy and ending homelessness.

In the picture above are some of the AJ Power staff in their Christmas Jumper.

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AJ Power generating sets are now completed with a Queen’s Award decal.

In April, AJ Power received the Queen’s Award for International Trade, one of the highest official UK awards for business success.

AJ Power generating sets will now come with a decal showcasing the award, as shown in the above pictures.

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FGW Generators sponsor North Primary School Golf Day featuring Springbok Legends

FGW Generators, subsidiary of AJ Power has recently sponsored Bellville North Primary School annual golf day in South Africa.

The day was well supported with 16 four balls. This included one celebrity four ball consisting of Springbok rugby legends of old: Corné Krige, Breyton Paulse, Marius Joubert and Werner Greeff.

Fun was had by all, supporting a great cause.

To find out more about this event, please visit the FGW Generator website.

Pictured above: From left to right Marius Joubert, Hannes Roux (Sales Engineer at FGW Generators), Werner Greeff, Jaco Voges (director of finance at FGW Generators), Breyton Paulse, Corné Krige

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We are delighted to announce that AJ Power has been shortlisted for the 2016 Amazon Growing Business Awards!

Created by Real Business, sponsored by Amazon and supported by the CBI, the Amazon Growing Business Awards are the UK’s most established and respected indicator of SME and entrepreneurial success.

AJ Power has been nominated for the Growing Business of the year award in the category of Mid-sized company (turnover £25m-£50m).

We look forward to the next stage which is the awards dinner, taking place on the 30th of November in London.

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Power to one of the World's Wonders.

FGW Generators, subsidiary of AJ Power, has recently completed the installation of a 280kVA generating set at the top of Table Mountain, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The commissioning of the standby generator has brought a lot of challenges, such has the disassembling and suspension of the set.

To find more about this project, visit FGW Generators website.

Pictured above: 280 kVA Standby Scania Powered generator commissioning at the top of Table Mountain.

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AJ Power was recently ranked as having the fasting growing international sales.

In June 2016, AJ Power was ranked 124th in the International Track 200 league table, which lists British companies with the fastest growing international sales.

The official awards dinner was held on 22th September in London.

More than 200 guests were invited including founders, chairmen, CEO’s and FD’s of the featured companies.

The guest speakers were Charles Rolls, co-founder and executive deputy chairman of Fever-Tree, and Sir Chris Hoy MBE, six-time Olympic gold medalist.

Each company received a certificate with their ranking, and the sponsors presented a number of special awards.

Further info available here

Pictured above: Ashley Pigott, managing director of AJ Power and Simon Ballentine chartered accountant pictured receiving the award.

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The AJ Power team has just completed the commissioning of an AJ605 Scania powered generating set for a railway construction in England.

A new railway system is currently under construction across England, and AJ Power was chosen to supply power for one of the new train stations in London.

The sound attenuated AJ605 powered by a DC16 49A Scania model has been installed and commissioned by our engineering team. The machine will be used to provide power for the ventilation shaft fans of the station.

Pictured above: AJ Power Electrical Engineering Manager, Mark McShane, After-sales Technician, Stephen McGrath and Electrical and Electronic Engineer, Fintan Haveron pictured on-site during commissioning.

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AJ Power, in conjunction with our Scottish distribution partner, have recently supplied generating sets for various radio mast stations in the UK.

The 3 Series AJ Power generating sets have been supplied to remote locations throughout Scotland, England and Wales for a TV and Radio communications company.

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On Wednesday 31st August 2016, AJ Power said a fond farewell to Director of Sales, Joe Bradley.

Joe retires after 40 years in the power and generating set industry.

AJ Power wish Joe a long and happy retirement.

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AJ Power Managing director, Ashley Pigott and Production Director James Cochrane had the privilege of visiting Buckingham Palace, London.

During the recent visit the pair officially collected the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade on behalf of AJ Power Limited.

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AJ Power Managing Director Ashley Pigott has featured on local radio station BBC Radio Ulster as part of the 'Inside Business' programme.

Inside Business is a weekly commentary and analysis on business and the economy in Northern Ireland. It is hosted by Wendy Austin, BBC journalist and broadcaster in BBC Northern Ireland.

In this latest edition ‘Inside Business’ looks at what winning an award can do for a business. Ashley was in the studio alongside other three other local multi-award winning companies to talk about the impact of winning business awards and recently the Queen’s award for Enterprise for International Trade.

You can listen to the show here:

Pictured: Sam Davison, HR Director Henderson Group, Connaire McGreevy MD CTS Projects, Ashley Pigott, MD AJ Power, Gareth Loye, M&M Contractors and Wendy Austin.
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AJ Power were pleased to welcome Deputy Lieutenant William Beattie, and Clerk to the Lieutenancy Evelyn Beattie to present the Queen's Award on Friday 8th July 2016.

The visit also coincided with our annual Charity BBQ and so was an opportunity for AJ Power employees, and their friends and family to be in attendance and see the award being presented.

In April this year AJ Power announced we had been awarded a Queen’s Award. Read more at:

Pictured Above is Deputy Lieutenant William Beattie presenting the award to AJ Power Managing Director, Ashley Pigott. Looking on is Clerk to the Lieutenancy, Evelyn Beattie and Production Director James Cochrane as well as AJ Power employees and family.
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We have recently added a new Deutz powered range to our 3 Series offering. This new range includes 4 new models – AJ22, AJ33, and 44 and AJ64.

Deutz are one of the leading engine manufacturers and have over 150 years’ experience in the business. The engines are manufactured in Cologne, Germany.

All engines in the new AJ Power Deutz range are EU Stage II Emissions compliant and suitable for a variety of fuels including jet fuels, heating oil, 100% bio diesel and diesel. The engines are also oil cooled.

Oil cooled engines offer many benefits including:

  • Oil naturally prevents corrosion of the engine. This leads to lower maintenance requirements and therefore lower running costs.
  • Oil is used as both a lubricant and a coolant in these engines. This eliminates the needs for two separate housing units for water and oil. Also avoid risk of freezing or boiling of coolant.
  • It has been found that oil leaks are less likely in oil cooled engines given its’ use in the machine.
  • The engines have a very high ambient clearance which well exceeds 50°C. Compact cooling pack.
  • And finally it can also be claimed that personal safety is also increased given that oil is a natural electrical insulator.

Order books are now open and production begins August 2016. Further information and datasheets available at below link:

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On Wednesday 8th June 2016 AJ Power welcomed the Kazakhstan Ambassador to our factory in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

In a meeting organised by Invest NI, Mr Erzhan Kazykhanov, Ambassador visited AJ Power with his wife Danara Kazykhanova, Mr Yerlan Utegenov, third secretary on Consular Affairs and Education Attaché and Mr Altair Akhmetov, the official representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the visit we had the pleasure of showing our state-of-the-art production facilities, which very much impressed the Ambassador and the rest of his party. It was an also opportunity to discuss the business interests of AJ Power in Kazakhstan and open up a future communication channel between both parties.

Pictured Above: Ambassador Erzhan Kazykhanov, Danara Kazykhanova, Gaukhar Thompson (AJ Power Sales Assistant), Andy Mackey (AJ Power Sales Manager) and Ashley Pigott ( AJ Power MD)

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We are delighted to announce AJ Power is ranked at No. 124 in the seventh annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, which was published this weekend.

​The league table ranks Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales.

This is the third time AJ Power has appeared in the table. In 2010 the company was ranked at No. 52, in 2013 we were ranked No. 72 and now in 2016, we have been ranked at No. 124.

This gives a clear indication of AJ Power’s strength and constant commitment to growth in international sales.

The international Track 200 awards dinner will be held later this year in London.

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AJ Power attended the Aer Lingus 2016 awards in London on 24th May 2016, as finalist in two categories: Exporter of the Year Award and Overall Excellence Award.

The awards took place in the prestigious Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London.

Highlights of the day are available at below link:

In attendance on behalf of AJ Power were Simon Ballentine and Conor Gray, pictured above.

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An AJ50 was supplied recently for a wind farm project in Ireland.

The AJ50 1103A Perkins powered genset was supplied complete with 220 litre fuel tank, bunded base frame, single point lift and sound attenuated canopy.

This is one of many wind farm projects across Ireland and UK, which now have AJ Power generating sets on-site to back up to essential services.

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For the third year running AJ Power picked up the top award for Excellence in Exporting. sponsored by FedEx at this year's Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland Business awards, in association with British Airways.

After being awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade on 21st April, the day was topped off further by winning the Belfast Telegraph Excellence in Exporting award later that evening,

A sustained and vigorous approach to securing new customers has resulted in growth of exports outside the United Kingdom to 96% during the 2015 calendar year equating to an increase of nearly £7.5million.

Hosted by BBC’s Wendy Austin, over 350 people attended the awards at the Culloden Hotel, Holywood, Belfast.

More photos available at:

Pictured above: Dr Graeme Purdy, Senior Project Manager and Rowan McIlveen, Mechanical Engineer, AJ Power.
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A.J. Power are delighted to announce that they are the recipient of a Queen’s Award for International Trade.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the highest official UK awards for business success. The award was received for achieving outstanding growth in overseas sales over the last three financial years. Her Majesty The Queen makes the Awards on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions. They are announced annually on 21 April, The Queen’s birthday.

AJ Power is one of only two Northern Ireland companies, out of 243 businesses across the UK to receive an award this year.

AJ Power’s managing director, Ashley Pigott, said: “Winning a prestigious Queen’s Award offers all at AJ Power the opportunity to reflect on the significant export growth and overall business success we have achieved during the last three years.

“We strongly believe that winning the award will help us to gain recognition and raise our profile throughout the world.”

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AJ Power has been shortlisted for Exporter of the Year in the British Airways Sponsored Belfast Telegraph Business Awards 2016.

The Awards ceremony will take place in the Culloden Hotel on Thursday 21st April when the winners will be announced.

Good luck to all the short listed companies.

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On Friday 8th April, AJ Power welcomed Form V Business Studies students from Belfast Royal Academy for a factory tour.

Following on from our “Back to School” article in February when AJ Power staff attended the school to tell the students about AJ Power, it was now time for the students to attend for an industrial visit.

AJ Power will feature in their upcoming G.C.S.E. controlled assessment so it was a good opportunity for the students to learn and see more about AJ Power as a business.

The visit included a full factory tour, showing the pupils tests bays, research & development areas and quality assurance procedures.

The pupils enjoyed the visit and we at AJ Power were pleased to host them.

For further reading:

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AJ Power Mechanical Engineer, Gerard Moran, has embarked on a journey to run five marathons, in five different cities, in two months, all for charity.

The 27 year old engineer ran his first marathon in 2014 in his home city of Belfast and from this has took on the challenge to complete five more over the few two months:

Barcelona - 13th March 2016

Paris - 3rd April 2016

Rome - 10th April 2016

Hamburg - 17th April 2016

Belfast - 2nd May 2016

“I loved the thrill I got from doing the Belfast Marathon in 2014 and raising over £600 for the RNIB. When I saw the runners doing the marathon last year, it made me realise I missed that excitement of being on the other side of the barriers. I definitely wanted to do Belfast again but also wanted a bigger challenge. So I decided to sign up for a few and end with Belfast. This ended up being five marathons in seven weeks. I thought it would be a great opportunity to raise money again for a good cause, but couldn’t decide which. So in the end I thought it would be fitting to choose five charities. It hasn’t been easy so far, but with everyone donating so generously, especially within AJ Power, it’s given me a lot of satisfaction and motivation to carry on. Thanks everyone!” commented Gerard.

Gerard is donating 100% of money raised to five charities - Macmillan Cancer Support, Alzheimer’s Society, Welcome Organisation (Homeless Belfast), Guide Dogs UK and USPCA (Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Good Luck Gerard!

Pictured Above: Gerard after completing the first of five marathons in Barcelona, at a time of 4 hours 27 minutes.
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AJ Power has recently supplied three generating sets to a beverage company in Ghana, in association with our local distribution partner.

Two AJ1400 Mitsubishi powered S12R-PTA gensets, rated at 1250KVA Prime power, 1400kVA Standby power were supplied. For the same installation a smaller AJ275 powered by an AGCO Power engine was supplied, rated at 250kVA prime power.

AJ Power previously supplied 2 x 1250kVA generating sets for the same compound for this beverage company. These latest machines bring the total power of 5.25MVA supplied to this customer. The AJ Power brand has been strengthened recently in the African market through our network of distributors, with many industry professionals now acknowledging AJ Power as the genset brand of choice.

More details on this project can be found at :

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AJ Power representatives Dr Peter Calvert and After Sales Manager Garth Jackson have gone back to school as a partner company to over 80 GCSE Business Studies students from Belfast Royal Academy.

As past students of Belfast Royal Academy (fondly known locally as “BRA”) it was a trip down memory lane in many aspects for the pair. Peter left the school in the 1960’s, whilst Garth studied there during the 1980’s.

The Belfast Royal Academy was founded in 1785 and is the oldest school in the city. Today it is now a large, co-educational, non denominational day grammar school with strong academic, musical and sporting traditions. There are some 1400 pupils at the grammar school.

The purpose of the visit by Peter and Garth on Monday 22nd February 2016 was to present AJ Power as a company. AJ Power maintains close links with local academia and this most recent school visit gave the opportunity to explain how AJ Power has grown to be the company it is today, recent investment, our premises, sales information, training information and the many awards we have been accredited.

AJ Power has been chosen as a partner company for the 15 and 16 year old Business Studies students and will be included as a case study in controlled written assessments.

In early March 2016 the students will visit the AJ Power facilities at Craigavon, where they will gain a greater knowledge on the company as a whole.

Thanks to the Head of Business Studies at BRA for organising the visit.

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On Wednesday 17th February 2016, AJ Power welcomed a group of young engineers from IET NI, for a tour of our facilities in Craigavon.

The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) is one of the world’s leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community, with more than 150,000 members across the globe.

It was a pleasure for AJ Power to host the group from Northern Ireland.

Pictured far right is Mark McShane, AJ Power Electrical Engineering Manager.

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Short video showing highlights from the night when AJ Power was crowned all-island winner in the “Best Small Business” category at the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards.

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